The full Experience4U 2021 agenda is now live
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The full Experience4U 2021 agenda is now live

from  October 8, 2021 | 4 min read

Let’s take a look at what’s in store

We’re pleased to announce that X4U 2021’s full agenda is now available for you to check out!

This year’s X4U is all about inspiring our customers to accomplish their biggest goals through partnership with Unit4. We’ve got a variety of sessions covering each of the industries we serve and the products we create. We’ll also have a variety of country and region specific content.

On our first day, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the People Experience Suite, what makes it tick, and what it can do for you and your people to help you experience real purpose. There’ll be pre-recorded demos, live Q+A opportunities with experts and plenty of opportunities to take stock and refresh.

On day two, we’ll be taking a closer look at people-centric industries – with industry-specific keynotes, moderated break outs, panels, and roundtable discussions for each of our four key focus verticals.

You’ll find more in-depth material about each of these on our website, and we’ll be taking a closer look at each vertical and product in later blog posts. But in the meantime, here’s some tasters of what you can expect:

Customer Success – enhancing your journey, Unit4 101, driving outcomes, and powering up your people.

Our Global Head of Customer Success Michelle McCarthy leads this track, exploring how our investment in customer success and focus on the customer journey ensures the best possible experience for you. The Unit4 onboarding process and the resources available for new customers and what you can expect from the relationship. We’ll host a customer panel on industry best practices for leveraging our tools for success. And we’ll show you how upcoming UX enhancements will help you power up your people.

Professional Services – the journey to the cloud, the future of automation, trends and best practices in professional services automation, and the digital future of finance

A CFO to CFO conversation on standardizing your organization on a common instance of a modern cloud ERP. A look at the future of automation from Holger Mueller of Constellation research – and a look at what automation might mean in practical terms for your firm. We’ll also be exploring what it really means for an organization to adopt digital technology across the finance functions covered by our PSO Industry Model.

Public Sector – doing boring things well, some new findings from Vanson Bourne, the art of collaboration, and digitizing the public sector

Our public sector track will showcase some amazing new findings around how public sector organizations are facing their unique challenges – and how technology can help them do it. We’ll also look at how Unit4 ERP helped create two brand new county councils, the unique challenges and pitfalls for the public sector in digital transformation, and speaking to our customers about how collaboration enables greater transformation success.

Nonprofit – accelerating impact through digital transformation, Oxfam America’s ERP transformation journey, and the post-pandemic state of nonprofit digital strategy.

Exploring how mission driven organizations can accelerate impact through digital transformation – and how best to navigate the journey with Lauren Woodman, CEO of Datakind. This track also features a case study from our customers at Oxfam America on their use of our ERP to break down silos and unify their organization. We’ll also host a panel discussion on the same topic, exploring how COVID has forced nonprofits to evolve their strategies and explore radical evolution of their back-office technology.

Higher Education – how institutions are modernizing their technology, the changing experience of work, and transforming the student experience

Dave Kieffer, VP of Research and Analysis at Tambellini Group, discusses the broad movement of institutions to modernize their administrative technologies to respond to interrelated current trends. Our panel discussion will explore changing expectations of the experience of work, the need for agile scenario planning, and new criteria for cloud, remote access, and shared systems. And Vancouver Island University will share their story of replacing their homegrown admin systems with our next-generation ERP solution.

CIO and Tech – finding true SaaS in the world of cloud pretenders, how to create a successful cloud implementation, building world-class enterprise architectures, and on-prem vs. cloud security

Our CTO Claus Jepsen and CIO Shiv Gopalan will explore what it really means for a solution to be “cloud first” in an age of imitators. Our customers at Southern Illinois University will talk us through best practices for implementing a cloud solution. We’ll explore creating a world class EA that supports the operating model of tomorrow. And take a deeper look at how the IT organization’s typical belief that the best security is achieved in-house isn’t always true.

ERP – Finance operations in a changing world, the difference between 7 and X, fine-tuning the enterprise ecosystem, and James Bond’s reporting

Our ERP track will explore our Chief Product Officer Dmitri Krakovsky’s vision for the future of our finance and operations capabilities. It’ll tell you just what makes ERPx different (and how those changes will help you navigate a changing world.) It’ll provide tips on connecting data across your organization. And it’ll show you how any organization can create the effective and reliable workflows they need to succeed.

FP&A today and tomorrow, financial storytelling, how we help East of England Ambulance Service Trust see beyond the horizon, and making every cent count in CAPEX

The FP&A track takes a look at our FP&A product roadmap for an open solution, ERP integration, performance, and fresh reporting ideas. We’ll explore the power of financial storytelling – and how you can turn numbers into narrative. Our customers at East of England Ambulance Service will share their story of quick and simple budgeting and forecasting. And we’ll show you how FP&A makes planning CAPEX easier for a complex, forward-thinking group company.

HCM – the hybrid revolution, rebuilding a better future of work, scaling your people practice, and understanding your business landscape

Our HCM track will explore changing patterns of work and the business case for robust people services, building effective HCM strategies, processes and technologies, how our customer Custom4Trade scaled their people practice using Unit4 HCM, and how to develop a better understanding of your business’s skills landscape to prepare for the future.

Unit4 Financials – the future (for both you and us), life after cloud migration, and top tips for the product.

A look at what’s happening with Unit4 Financials from billing to Tablelink for cloud and other updates. Stories from our customers in the US and Central Europe about their cloud migration experiences. Making the most of your own cloud migration. And top tips on payments, printing invoices, intercompany accounting, user security, and secure file transfer from Product Owner Jane Dolan.