Optimizing financial performance with ERP in the public sector improves service outcomes.
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Public sector ERP optimizes financial management in emergency healthcare

from  August 7, 2020 | 2 min read

The software public sector bodies use to handle finances, personnel, and resource planning don’t just make administration more efficient.

They help make service delivery more efficient and effective as well.

And you’ll find no better example of this principle in action than that of the East of England Ambulance Service.

Providing a higher level of service to 5.8 million people

The East of England Ambulance Service relies on Unit4 ERP to provide timely, complete, and accurate financial data to support its operations. The single, shared view of all the organization’s information informs everything from emergency vehicle availability to supply inventory and estate management.

The standardization provided by Unit4’s platform allows the NHS trust’s finance team to intuitively produce reports and run simulations. Letting them understand data in a way that allows them to make better decisions about how they make use of resources across six counties and 7,500 square miles. And because it’s cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Providing the power to make changes to plans and allocations to fit the needs of the present moment.

Making better use of resources

This approach doesn’t just make it easier to do day-to-day work. It frees up organizational time and energy to focus on strategic challenges. Challenges like managing and distributing PPE during the COVID-19 crisis. And ensuring that the parts of the community that need emergency care and transport the most have access to it as soon as the need becomes apparent in the data.

Beyond this, Unit4 has created several operational benefits that better equip the Trust to do its vital work. These include:

  • Saved the equivalent of 50% of a key finance professional’s time, which is now reinvested in other critical tasks.
  • Improved visibility and control of key financial processes.
  • Enabled smooth, seamless adaptation of reporting to emergency legislation and regulatory requirements.
  • Made ensuring the best value of resource use over the entire lifecycle of emergency vehicles possible.

Predictable costs – even in unpredictable conditions

The benefits don’t just stop at the platform itself. An Azure-based cloud implementation allows for predictable costs and a unified user experience, with no downtime for upgrades, and no users trapped working with outdated versions. In fact, Darren Ward, the Trust’s Senior Finance Analyst, describes this implementation as the “best decision we ever made,” and a key factor in the organization’s ability to continue functioning remotely during the COVID pandemic.

As many as 40 users in Finance, Procurement, and Supplier Management roles now rely on our systems every day. With no manual intervention, no process errors, and no need to constantly update information across multiple spreadsheets.

See the full breakdown for yourself.

Discover all the ways in which the East of England Ambulance Service are using Unit4 to improve the way they manage their operations and serve their patients. Download the customer case study now.

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