Public sector people focus: the antidote to Brexit and COVID-19
Public sector people focus

Public sector people focus: the antidote to Brexit and COVID-19

Working from home has compounded the negative effects of a poor work-life balance for public sector staff, so how can organizations improve the engagement and productivity of their people to deliver the services citizens need?

According to research, the majority of public sector staff say they are struggling with motivation and productivity as they work from home (WFH) due to COVID-19. Three years ago, public sector workers thought that Brexit would increase their workload and worsen their work-life balance.

Before Brexit and COVID-19, public sector organizations already had enough challenges. But if their people are struggling on a personal level, they have a new problem. The question is: how do they fix it?

WFH and work-life balance

Public sector staff warned of worsening work-life balance post-Brexit, said this PSE article in April 2017; they felt “unable to detach from work and switch off during free time,” and Brexit was affecting their professional and personal lives.

Three years on, remote working is cited by public sector staff as the third biggest personal wellbeing challenge of COVID-19 (59 percent), according to global research in this April 2020 Apolitical article. From an operational and management perspective, staff productivity and motivation is the number one challenge (60 percent).

The article says: “Public servants are...struggling with the challenges of working from home: juggling work and childcare, and maintaining their own motivation and productivity. Managers need help with managing and motivating their staff remotely.”

The impact of reduced people productivity and increased mental health issues is huge: it restricts your ability to deliver the improvements in services that citizens demand. The need to engage, empower and motivate employees is more significant than ever before.

Improving people engagement

The answer lies in a digital talent management platform supported by a modern, public-sector-specific ERP, which enables your people to do more of what matters: helping citizens and communities thrive.

Talent management platforms, like Unit4 Employee Engagement, allow you to digitize performance management cycles so you can analyze, improve and empower people for exceptional results, and allow your people to align with your organization regularly and thoroughly, no matter where they are.

Connecting with your staff like this is vital in today’s WFH culture, where isolation is becoming the norm. Intuo lets management easily track engagement data remotely to spot trends, detect opportunities and prevent issues by sending out mini staff sentiment surveys.

It enables you to better manage worthwhile conversations, such as performance reviews, while uncovering high-performers and making sound strategic decisions with data aggregation and analysis.

Enhancing citizen services

Talent management platforms like Intuo form part of human capital management (HCM) systems, which help you better engage, enable and relate to your staff so you can get the best from them.

These systems should be fully integrated with an adaptive, intuitive ERP solution which helps people-centric organizations streamline operations, automate low-value tasks and modernize processes to free up people’s time so they can focus on developing better citizen services.

Elevating People Experience

Unit4 solutions are designed to deliver a superior People Experience across your entire organization by providing the same level of experience people expect from their consumer technology.

ERP, HCM and talent management systems deliver flexibility and freedom, plus improvements in engagement and performance, providing a vital antidote to today’s culture of isolation, when WFH looks likely to remain for public sector staff.

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James Arvin

Director Sales UK & Ireland – Public Sector