Putting a dollar value on our cloud ERP – introducing the Value4U ROI calculator
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Putting a dollar value on our cloud ERP – introducing the Value4U ROI calculator

We’re excited to announce the launch of Value4U. A new tool designed to help you understand how our cloud ERP can benefit your organization.

Implementing a new ERP solution isn’t just about cost. It’s about the value your organization will generate from improvements to both your operations and improved people experience and engagement. The right ERP can expedite timelines, streamline processes, and make better work possible. Leading to higher levels of productivity and innovation, greater employee satisfaction, and reduced turnover. Not to mention the potential to embrace new improvements and opportunities that can only be brought to light when your data is integrated, aligned, and available on demand.

We’re making this calculator available to help you understand what we have to offer, and how our understanding of people-centric industries and sectors equips us to create solutions that fit your organization’s needs. Both by showing you that we understand the challenges your people face and the kinds of situations, cost pressures, and criteria that they deal with. And by demonstrating the dollar value of the savings our products can offer you in time and money, and the value of unrealized opportunities that our platforms can reveal for you.

How does the Value4U ROI calculator work?

We’ll ask you a few questions about your organization depending on your industry – your operating revenue/budget, number of employees, billable hours, current rates of utilization and accountancy practices. We’ll then use what you tell us to generate an estimate for a few of the most impactful areas of improvement you’ll realize by switching to Unit4 ERP.

To arrive at these figures we make some industry-standard assumptions and keep our assessments confined to a few of the biggest areas of improvement that we generally see in an organization like yours. You’ll be able to adjust some of the inputs “under the hood” yourself to create a more realistic picture for you, and for a more complete and personalized ROI evaluation for your organization you can contact our consultants to arrange a free Business Value Review consultation.

What value does the Value4U tool demonstrate?

This ROI calculator is designed to show you how much you can save on operational costs by using our solutions to easily update and automate many of the labor-intensive workflows that occupy your peoples’ time, and by consolidating your data - reducing the need for error-prone, soul-sucking manual data entry between systems.

We also want to give you an idea of the potential to realize new opportunities that is only possible when improved data hygiene and transparency allow your people to derive improved strategic insight from their systems as they work.

And most importantly, consider the savings in terms of opportunity cost that you might otherwise lose out on from failing to modernize your people experience. A modern ERP solution saves so much more than time: it creates a working environment that makes your people feel more valued, more engaged, and more able to innovate and do their jobs well. Creating a potentially huge dividend in terms of reduced turnover, a more complete and preserved knowledge base, and more satisfied people serving your customers.

Sounds great. Where can I find it?

You can check out Value4U right now and start using it to see what the ROI of Unit4 ERP for your organization might be by clicking here.

It’s a simple tool that’ll only take you a few minutes to use and generates a report you can share with colleagues via email or as a presentation. Afterwards, if you’re interested in a more complete picture along with detailed breakdowns of time-to-value and itemized cost savings across a multi-year period, you can contact us to arrange a comprehensive (and free!) Business Value Review with our consultants.

Happy calculating!

Jessica Tatlow

Jessica Tatlow

Global Marketing Director, Higher Education & Nonprofit

Being in business for people in Higher Education and Nonprofit means helping our customers connect more easily with the important work they do to serve their communities. People only need technology in so far as it empowers them to innovate on processes that will help them deliver more impact. My goal is to communicate how enterprise digital transformation can help you do just that.