Q&A with Shelley Zapp, North American President and Harpal Mattu, EMEA MD, Agilyx Group | Unit4
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Q&A with Shelley Zapp, North American President and Harpal Mattu, EMEA MD, Agilyx Group

from  November 29, 2021 | 3 min read

20 years as a partner and you're present in 5 regions. What sparked your partnership with Unit4, and how did the expansion happen?


Agilyx Group was originally founded under the name Agresso, which was the name of Unit4’s ERP solution at the time. As the oldest and most long-standing Unit4 partner, our organization has a rich history of delivering Unit4’s software to our customers, from all corners of the world.

My journey with Agilyx Group began before I joined the team. Prior to my current role as President, Agilyx North America, I was working for Unit4, and had a great partnership with Agilyx Australia. John Catarinich (Founding Director and Chief Executive Officer), Chris Develin (Founding Director and Chief Solution Architect) and I discussed creating an Agilyx branch here in North America five years ago, and what sparked us was that as Unit4 sold more of their SaaS based ERP solution, we understood that having a services partner here would be the next step. We felt that Agilyx Group would be able to bring the necessary professionalism, resources, and partnership to build Unit4’s presence in North America.

Since then, Agilyx Group has expanded its global footprint, with seven offices across five continents. We’re proud to have built a two-decade record of delivering incredible digital transformations and demonstrating our expertise and solutions to customers on a global scale.

In the last 20 years a lot has changed, how has your relationship with Unit4 evolved over that time?


Agilyx Group recently merged its UK operations with Myriad Consulting, my former company, and an independent Unit4 ERP consulting and service delivery organization. My union with Agilyx was formalized in the summer of 2021, but I’m proud to say that through Myriad Consulting, we were one of three companies selected for the Unit4 partner program when it was first launched in 2009, as well as Agilyx Group.

Unit4 continues to invest in, and develop the partner program, and as an Elite partner, we know we form a part of the Unit4 value chain and collectively, we will continue to develop great solutions and innovations to both existing and new customers. 

People have been moving to a new way of working and innovative cloud technology is an enabler of that. How has Agilyx adapted to this, and how has it benefited the organization?


Overnight, our delivery methods have had to adapt to 100% remote working. There were challenges to overcome, but the situation also opened opportunities which we would have never previously considered. 

One was a project with Medical Teams International, who are based in Portland, Oregon. We worked on a remote Unit4 upgrade and created new clients to facilitate their offices in Uganda and Tanzania. It was a strange phenomenon to engage with a client spanning three countries for six months without ever physically meeting. The virtual go-live party was also great.

This project has become a great case study, and we’ve successfully delivered a number of international Unit4 projects since, again without ever having any face-to-face meetings.


Agilyx Group has been able to adapt very easily to the new technological shift in working. In North America, most of our customers are not in the same city we reside in, so it has always been our practice that we collaborate remotely with customers who are a plane ride away. As a result, this has meant our team have always been well-equipped to this method of working.

From a social perspective, it has been challenging. Not being able to be in the same room as our customers and colleagues has been difficult, but we have combatted this by creating social committees over Zoom and planning online activities to keep our team connected. These online meetups have been a great success in keeping our team engaged and our company culture thriving.

As an organization that takes pride in your people, what is your strategy in creating inspired, high-performing teams?


The Agilyx purpose reads “We build better organizations by empowering people at work to be their best.” Our team is encouraged and supported to try out new initiatives and put creative thought into how we work. 

As an example, we’ve recently launched a one-of-a-kind Global Customer Success Program, which sets our customers on a journey with us. This program encompasses 'follow the sun' support, traditional consultancy, and consultancy as a service - where we proactively work with our clients to continually improve the configuration of their Unit4 platform. This is just one of many services and value-added products that our team has created.

How have you helped a customer on their digital transformation journey?


A lot of our digital transformation journeys have focused on replacing existing systems and reducing the number of customizations. Unit4’s software is advantageous as it has the flexibility and agility to set up what we need, without requiring many customizations.

A current project that we are working on involves replacing the client’s system with Unit4 ERP, significantly cutting the number of customizations by hundreds and allowing more automation of the customer’s processes.


­­With the power of Workspaces, we’ve really changed the way our clients interact with Unit4 ERP. One such example is a large professional services organization that we have helped to completely transform their user experience with an intuitive and dynamic user experience.  

The benefits delivered from the project include more users engaged to the platform, a dynamic UX, reduction in training requirements, and a simple platform to deploy changes. 

What does the future look like for Agilyx?


The merger with Myriad Consulting in the UK has really added to the strength and experience of our teams and means we can support our customers even better than before. It has also established Agilyx Group as one of the largest Unit4 partners, with over 130 staff currently in our organization.

As we recently announced, we will also be expanding our operations into the Republic of Ireland next year. This move will strengthen our position in the EMEA region, and we’re excited to be joining this dynamic, new market. We’ll be able to connect with our Irish customers on a greater level, and gain new, local business in the PSO sector.

With these developments in mind, Agilyx Group will continue to expand our global footprint, as well as grow our product lines around ERP and HCM. The future will see us focusing on diversification and continuing to champion a global mindset.