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Recapping X4U 2021

from  December 2, 2021 | 2 min read

A quick review of all things X4U this year – now available on demand

On November 16th and 17th we hosted X4U 2021 – our second global virtual conference for our customers, partners, and all those looking to begin their people experience journey.

It was a brilliant 2 days, covering everything from accelerating trends to building a winning talent culture, to improvements in our products that are already live now, and unveiling a vision for a new paradigm of digital operations in the form of the industry mesh.

We heard our CEO Mike Ettling’s thoughts on the “Great Acceleration” of change and trends that have been gathering momentum in the world of work for many years, and have been pushed past the tipping point by the events of the past 2 years. Including the growing importance and scarcity of talent, the increasing shift towards hybrid and fully remote ways of working, and the rising and evolving demands of customers, clients, and the people who work with you.

In their product keynote Claus Jepsen and Dmitri Krakovsky introduced our new vision of the Industry Mesh – an approach to integrated digital operations that we hope will revolutionize the way ERP is used in every part of people and service centric organizations.

We saw inspirational keynotes from global talent expert Steve Cadigan on the subject of building a future of work that ensures a strong talent culture is part of the picture from the start to create resilient and flexible organizations. From Formula 1 legend and leader Mark Gallagher on creating a highly competitive customer centric approach to strategy and operations. And from serial entrepreneur and author Peter Hinssen on the “never normal” of the future and integrating a new digital approach that will help organizations survive and thrive.

Beyond this, we hosted over 40 sessions with input from our customers, our people, our partners, and third-party experts covering a wealth of topics from the evolution of the public sector to our product visions and roadmaps, simplifying the daily routine through automation, to the transformational success stories our solutions have helped to achieve.

All that remains is for us to thank everyone who took part, and thank everyone who joined us to help make the event a success across both days.

Want to experience X4U again?

All of our 40+ X4U sessions are now on demand. Check them out for yourself at the link below (you’ll have to register to use the platform if you haven’t already.)

  • Keynotes on building a great talent culture, driving customer centricity, and navigating the great acceleration.
  • A look at our vision and roadmap for products that can create the best versions of your organization and people.
  • Use cases and success stories from your peers across the people-centric industries.

Watch the video highlights below for a taster of what you can expect, then click on the link to visit the on-demand platform.