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Unit4 ERP given 8.0 composite score in SoftwareReviews’ latest product scorecard

Every year, SoftwareReviews collects and analyzes real user reviews of the leading solutions in the ERP market to rate vendors based on both product and vendor effectiveness as well as users’ emotional responses to various dimensions of a client-vendor relationship. SoftwareReviews compiles rankings for all vendors across a variety of metrics based on real user testimony and reviews in a “Product Scorecard” that gives prospective buyers a comprehensive review of a vendor and their solution’s capabilities.

Product reports for ERP in 2021 are now here. And we’re very pleased to say that Unit4 have received a Composite Score of 8.0. It’s a great result and puts us among the top ERP platforms worldwide.

The composite score – what’s in it?

The report’s “composite satisfaction score” is an averaging of performance across four areas. These are: Net Emotional Footprint, Vendor Capabilities, Product Features, and Likeliness to Recommend.

Net emotional footprint is itself a measurement of users’ emotional response ratings to qualitative descriptions of the vendor. (Such as “inspiring”, “continually improving”, “client’s interests first”, “fair”, “altruistic.”)

Let’s take a look at some highlights from the report that we’re particularly proud of, and that we believe showcase the very best qualities of our product.

Headline results

Of the customers interviewed for the report, 98% said they planned to renew, we see an 81% likeliness to recommend (with nearly half our customers being active promoters of Unit4 ERP), and 82% satisfaction that cost is fair to value.

We’re of course extremely pleased with these numbers but will be doing everything we can to improve them all for an even better score next year.

Net emotional footprint: +83%

We’re very pleased to score so highly in this metric, as we believe it showcases the closeness of our relationship with our customers. We’re “in business for people”, and that includes our customers and their customers.

Our philosophy – and our implementation of it in the form of ERP as part of our People Experience suite – looks like it’s paying off. 92% of respondents state that Unit4 ERP is critical to their professional success. And 87% describe their emotional connection to us as one of “love”.

(And of course, the feeling is mutual.)

We’ve also scored well in emotional footprint subcategories like service experience (94% say we’re “respectful”), negotiation and contract experience (87% “generosity”), and problem resolution experience (92% for “integrity” and “trustworthy”.) Our product experience also ranks highly, with 90% saying our ERP “enables productivity”.

Relationships and interaction - +89% net relationship footprint

Our people-centric approach is also paying off in the Relationships and Interaction metric, where 91% of respondents have positive sentiment towards us overall. Our technical and product specialists and our Leadership team are doing particularly well here, receiving 100% ratings for “effective/knowledgeable” and “friendly/caring.” Client Services and Sales have also received notably high scores.

Product and vendor capability satisfaction

We’ve received consistently high marks across all sub categories on these two metrics, with satisfaction ratings between 77% and 83%, and around 33% of all clients describing themselves as “delighted” with what we have to offer.

But we definitely won’t be resting on our laurels in this area. We’re continuously looking for ways to improve both our capabilities as a company and the features of our product, and with the recent launch of our new cloud-native ERPx next-gen platform, we hope to provide our customers with a level of feature flexibility and composability that will let them create a solution that’s 100% delightful for them, 100% of the time.

Download the full report to learn more

To learn what our customers have to say about every aspect of the Unit4 ERP experience – from how the product works to what it’s like working with us, and everything else from purchasing decisions to implementation effectiveness, performance by industry vertical, and feedback from users highlighting their experiences of using Unit4 ERP, click here to download the full SoftwareReviews product scorecard now.

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