Business Continuity in the Public Sector
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Ventana Research’s business continuity in the public sector podcast

Crisis or not, organizations today must make business continuity a priority. To overcome anything and succeed, Public Sector leaders need the ability to assess the impact of different scenarios instantly. Quickly able to identify and determine how best to allocate resources as they address changing circumstances.

For finance people, the right technology supports and enables rapid delivery, scenario planning, and a reliable and accurate picture of the impact on budgets. Dedicated budgeting and planning software used in the cloud makes this possible.

What could the public sector learn from business continuity?

In their latest podcast, Ventana's Robert Kugel is joined by Richard Ludlow of Unit4 to discuss whether public sector organizations learned any lessons after recent events?  Looking at how planning and budgeting software can make these organizations more agile. And how accounting and finance departments can ensure both access and security for a distributed workforce.

Business continuity podcast

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