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X4U Keynotes: A vision for people experience, a vision for your business, and an exploration of the power of communities

We want you to be able to experience our vision for Unit4 - the company, its people and products. And who better to guide you through that experience than our own global leadership team? Read on for a sneak preview of our X4U keynotes from our CEO Mike Ettling on the meaning of People Experience, from our CTO, Product Adviser, and analyst Ray Wang on the future of ERP, and from our Chief Customer Officer, James Shand, on the connections our technology makes possible.

ERP is more than just about enterprise resource planning. As companies fully embrace digital reality, it’s becoming the foundation for all the benefits and necessities of the modern workplace.

From the infrastructure for remote working and access to data, to the streamlined operational framework on which efficiency rests. And the tool that sets the people you hired to do an amazing job free, so that they can actually do an amazing job.

It’s the foundation of the modern people-centric company. And the foundation to allow your people to shine. And to help you understand our vision for both ERP and for Unit4 as a company, many of our senior leaders will speak on what the future holds for all of us at our global virtual event – Experience 4U – this October.

CEO Mike Ettling shares his vision on the power of community and the future of Unit4

Mike Ettling will be speaking on the importance of “People Experience” in the building and growing of people-based businesses and organizations. He’ll also walk you through  Unit4’s own exciting journey.

Mike is a highly regarded Global Thought Leader in the IT, HCM, and cloud software industries, holding many executive roles and being an active investor and advisor for emerging companies. At each company he has been a part of, he has been known as a leader who builds and motivates world-class teams, champions diversity, and exudes a deep passion for how technology, notably HCM technology and cloud computing, can transform the workplace and empower individuals to realize their true potential.

Prior to joining Unit4 in 2018, Mike was President of SAP SuccessFactors, a leader in providing cloud-based software for human capital management, and is also the former Chief Executive for NGA HR, a multimillion global HR and payroll services provider.

CTO Claus Jepsen leads a discussion of the future of Unit4 ERP

Our CTO Claus Jepsen along with Product Adviser Dmitri Krakovsky and Constellation Research Founder and Principal Analyst Ray Wang will take a closer look at what the future holds for Unit4 ERP. Discover what’s in store for the company’s cloud-based platform, including an exploration of new features, capabilities, and a discussion of why cloud-based ERP is the right for your business.

Claus is a technology expert who’s been fascinated with computers since he was given his first (a Tandy TRS model 1) at age 14. He’s spent decades architecting software solutions, and at Unit4 he’s been a key force in bringing cloud-based, highly-scalable solutions and delivering innovative technologies such as AI, chatbots, and predictive analytics to ERP. He believes strongly that having access to vast amounts of data allows us to construct better, non-invasive and pervasive solutions to improve our experiences, relieve us from tedious chores, and allow us to focus on what we as individuals really love doing.

Dmitri is an alumnus of some of the biggest SaaS companies in tech with a consistent track record of innovation in people-centric businesses and software platforms. He’s led the team behind Google’s talent-finding tool Hire, and was SVP of Global Products at SAP SuccessFactors for many years. He’s also helped develop products for Yahoo and Intuit.

Ray Wang is the co-host and co-founder of the widely watched DisrupTV, a weekly enterprise tech and leadership webcast. He’s also the author of the popular business strategy and technology blog “A Software Insider’s Point of View”. Wang has held executive roles in product, marketing, strategy, and consulting at institutions such as Forrester Research, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. His best-selling book, Disrupting Digital Business, provides insights on why 52% of the Fortune 500 have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt, or fallen off the list since 2000.

James Shand – Experience Connection

Our Chief Customer Officer James Shand will share the journey he and his team have been on to transform the Unit4 customer experience.  In his keynote, he’ll walk you through the company’s brand new customer care ecosystem that includes new platforms like Community 4U, self-service learning, expanded global support teams and state-of-the art systems all designed and purpose-built to deliver a frictionless experience.

James is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of delivering transformation programs across diverse teams and multiple geographies. He held a similar role at SAP SuccessFactors, where he was responsible for global end-to-end customer success. Prior to SAP, James held a number of global leadership roles at companies including NGA HR and Dell Corporation where he was accountable for customer engagement and success.

X4U is over for now, but you can still watch every session on demand by clicking below.

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