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X4U Product Focus – exploring transformative change in HCM

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at what we’re offering for each of our primary products at our upcoming global virtual event Experience4U. This time we’re looking at HCM. In keeping with our theme of A Better You, this track will focus on how changing working patterns can present us with opportunities to create better approaches to everything from how we work to how we hire talent, and how we create experiences that makes that talent stick with us.

Our 4 HCM sessions this year include a keynote from special guest Steve Cadigan (LinkedIn’s first culture leader, world expert in talent and company culture, and author of Workquate), an in-depth look at creating and scaling your organization’s people practice, a customer’s guide to understanding your business’s skills landscape, and a rundown of the hybrid revolution, what it means for your workforce and organization, and how technology will help you address it.

Workquake – rebuilding a better future of work

The pandemic has given us the opportunity of a lifetime to relook at the way we structure our organizations, and build a better way of working. Building effective strategies and processes for human capital management – and bringing in the right technology to power them – will be a critical competency for your organization in the future.

But at the same time, many industries – not used to having to compete for talent – have been caught on their heels facing a new reality they feel ill equipped to address. In this session, our guest keynote speaker Steve Cadigan will explore key drivers changing the world of work and offer practical ideas and solutions you can implement to set you and your teams up for success.

Steve will be exploring:

  • Talent strategies for today and tomorrow.
  • Workforce adaptability and learning velocity.
  • Creating an adaptable organization.

The Hybrid Revolution – the business case for robust people services

Thanks to COVID, hybrid work has ceased to be a modern luxury and is now simply the way we all work. But the pandemic also laid bare many gaps across infrastructure, policy, and process in many organizations. The changing nature of work requires them to quickly adapt to business demands and new market requirements – anytime, anywhere, and from any location.

In this session, we’ll be looking at the role HCM systems play in this new environment – and reviewing the new Unit4 HCM solution. You’ll also get a preview of the strategy and roadmap of the future of our HCM solution.

We’ll also cover:

  • The role of HCM systems in supporting a hybrid workforce.
  • How you can begin to build the foundation to support organizational change.
  • Understanding how HCM can benefit your organization in the long term.

Scaling your people practice

Keeping a finger on the pulse of employee progress, well-being, and satisfaction gets more difficult as an organization scales. To head this problem off at the pass, C4T adopted an automated talent management solution to maintain their culture close to the beginning of their journey as a company. This session will show you how C4T uses Unit4 pulsing data to establish clear guidelines that support and advance the company and employees, creating a win/win.

Tune in to this session to learn more about:

  • The role of technology in the growth journey of people-centric businesses.
  • Maintaining people focus in times of rapid growth.
  • Building a team, culture & sense of belonging.

Understanding your business’s skills landscape and how to plan for the future

Challenges around skill acquisition, creation, and development are a constant pain point for most HR decision makers. Skills are imperative for business success, and they constitute a key pillar of employee experience, the employer brand, and your company’s strategic vision. Understanding the pitfalls and opportunities of the skills landscape can make the difference between failure and success.

Join this session to learn:

  • How a business can map, understand, and plan for skills.
  • Why a skills strategy is an urgent requirement (and what it could mean for your future.)
  • What the common challenges are and how to avoid and address them.