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Join us for an experience you won’t want to miss, including keynotes from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Lady Mariéme Jamme, gender equality activist and founder of iamtheCODE, and Mike Ettling, CEO of Unit4. Across 2 days and 40+ sessions, we'll explore everything from industry trends to case studies and our product roadmap.


What does the future hold for people-centric organizations? Find the answer at Experience4U

Posted by Unit4 Communications October 14, 2020

cloud ERP

Cloud ERP: dispelling the ‘challenges’ myth

Posted by Anders Holm Jørgensen October 13, 2020

IT change enablement

Why Higher Ed must learn the art of IT change enablement

Posted by Unit4 Communications October 9, 2020

cloud ERP implementation

Your Cloud ERP implementation questions answered

Posted by Erick Bos October 8, 2020

future of work public sector

How technology can help public sector organizations achieve their ETHIC goals

Posted by Mark Gibbison October 8, 2020

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