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Here 4U during COVID-19

We’re committed to supporting the Unit4 community – our customers, partners, employees, and their families – to find the best ways to adapt to uncertain times.

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Changing how we work

We’re working hard to protect our people and yours — providing a full, uninterrupted and safe service.

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Giving you new tools

We’re offering free FP&A and Talent Management solutions to engage your people and plan your way forward.

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Engaging our community

Our customers and Partners can find all our latest COVID-19 knowledge and resources in a dedicated discussion forum.

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Sharing fresh insights

As we all adjust to the “new normal” you can rely on us for information and ideas to help you through.

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I’m incredibly proud of the work our customers are doing from public sector organizations supporting essential workers; Universities creating essential PPE; nonprofits like CGIAR who are raising awareness around the impacts of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable communities around the world; and charities supporting children and caregivers in isolation.

Mike Ettling

Unit4 CEO

Let’s talk about what People Experience means 4U.

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