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Here 4U during COVID-19

We’re committed to supporting the Unit4 community – our customers, partners, employees, and their families – to find the best ways to adapt to uncertain times.

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Here 4U

Still from COVID-19 video, showing Mike Ettling (Unit4 CEO)
Engage your people; safeguard your business

Watch this short video message from our CEO Mike Ettling on managing during a global crisis, keeping your people engaged and planning for the future.

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    Changing how we work

    We’re working hard to protect our people and yours — providing a full, uninterrupted and safe service.

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    Giving you new tools

    We’re offering free FP&A and Talent Management solutions to engage your people and plan your way forward.

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    Engaging our community

    Our customers and Partners can find all our latest COVID-19 knowledge and resources in a dedicated discussion forum.

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    Sharing fresh insights

    As we all adjust to the “new normal” you can rely on us for information and ideas to help you through.

Our top priority: People

We put people first and that starts with our own teams, taking all necessary safeguarding precautions against COVID-19. We’re committed to business continuity and the success of our customers. Our remote working model ensures our people can continue to provide a full and uninterrupted service to our clients from the safety of their homes.

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Ensuring business continuity

Our underlying systems and operational infrastructure are designed for reliability and resilience to maintain service levels, control risks and minimize business disruption.

Seamless remote working enables our technical and support teams to provide swift assistance when needed.

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Delivering service excellence

Our professional services team have also embraced remote and virtual delivery to successfully execute projects with no impact on timelines and quality.

And remember: we’re just a click or call away, if you need to quickly boost your internal resources or infrastructure.

Special offers for you

We want to help your organization get through this crisis.
So, we are donating specific solutions from within our Talent Management and FP&A software
free of charge
to make a difference for your people and your finances.
You’ll be up and running in less than 5 days. And the impact will be immediate!

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    Engage your workforce remotely

    Get real-time insights into your people’s wellbeing, with our tailored pulse surveys. Integrated reporting gives you the data to take immediate action based on their feedback.

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    Create a robust financial plan

    Our application for “Financial Planning in Crisis” is purpose built to help organizations more easily navigate financial planning to protect their future during uncertain times.

Help and resources

for our customers and partners

Community 4U provides a shared, online space for customers and partners to quickly find information and solve problems or queries. Our dedicated COVID-19 discussion forum makes it even easier to get the answers you need and to connect with each other and with Unit4 domain experts, as we navigate through these challenging times together.

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“I’m incredibly proud of the work our customers are doing from public sector organizations supporting essential workers; Universities creating essential PPE; nonprofits like CGIAR who are raising awareness around the impacts of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable communities around the world; and charities supporting children and caregivers in isolation.”

Mike Ettling Unit4 CEO

Information and advice

Our Blogs and Events offer a regular stream of commentary, ideas and practical advice on ways to adjust to the current crisis and prepare for the longer-term economic fallout, which it looks likely to bring.

Unit4 Industries - Public Sector

On-demand Webinar – Public Sector

Maintaining Operational Efficiency in Unprecedented Times
Keep your remote workers engaged and deliver planning continuity.

Unit4 - Professional Services Software Solutions

On-demand Webinar – Professional Services

How to execute projects with military precision EVEN in times of crisis"
The secret is to combine the right technology and planning.

Cover of Publis Sector guide to continuity planning

Business Insight: Responding to Crisis – a Public Sector Guide to Continuity Planning

A quick guide to help you understand how to respond and adapt your services to keep helping people during any challenge.

Cover of white paper "Steering the ship in uncertain times"

Business Insight: Steering the Ship During Times of Extreme Uncertainty

A financial analysis & planning perspective, offering approaches to help navigate the current challenging, uncertain times.

Cover image of Ventana Research paper: "Planning for continuity in the Public Sector"

Q&A — Planning for Continuity in the Public Sector

We’ve partnered with Ventana Research to explore key ways to prepare for and meet the challenges of today’s changing world.

Thumbnail image of Ventana Research paper on Public Sector Business Continuity

Research Perspective — Business Continuity in the Public Sector

We’ve partnered with Ventana Research to create a short paper, to help you on how best to approach continuity planning.

image showing the cover of the SPI Research paper: "Delivering Superior Professional Services Performance in Uncertain Times"
Delivering Superior Professional Services Performance in Uncertain Times

This SPI Research paper provides analysis and recommendations to help PSOs build on performance for continued success.

Thumbnail image of Computing Research report about COVID-19 and cloud ERP
Report: COVID-19 crisis and cloud-based ERP

We've worked with Computing research to explore the impacts of the pandemic and changing work patterns on cloud consumption and other key technologies.

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