Why Unit4?

  • At a glance

    Unit4 Account Analysis (formerly Account Analyser) is a powerful but straightforward solution for financial data analysis that delivers great results, without needing specialized technical knowledge.

    • Offering major efficiency gains in assurance (as much as 20%) by replacing internal control testing with intelligent financial analysis.
    • Boosting productivity and accuracy by providing the information you need – more quickly, more reliably and more consistently.
    • Including an extensive set of ready-to-use financial analyses and reports.
    • Providing compatibility with the top 5 international ERP software systems.
    • Used by 500+ companies and accountancy firms (including the "Big Four").

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  • A better solution

    Unit4 Account Analysis (formerly Account Analyser) provides a complete set of straightforward analysis tools to give you the full picture of your financial data.

    • Delivering faster, clearer financial visibility
      • Easy integration with your ERP or finance system.
      • Ready-made and user-definable analyses.
      • A rapid overview of your financial situation.
      • Full control of the processes and the recognition of your financial records.
      • Clearer insights and communication thanks to comprehensive management reports.
    • Simplifying and automating
      We have designed our solution from the ground up for users to achieve more themselves – without needing specialist support – including streamlined data import wizards, a large library of ready-to-use reports, the ability to create "instant", easy-to-use custom pivot tables and extensive online help files for all aspects of using the solution.
    • Translating and standardizing
      It quickly delivers a single version of the truth for finance teams, internal or external auditors and decision-makers alike. Data from any number of different financial applications or charts of accounts is translated into one standard (but customizable) set of parameters for users to analyze the combined data and advise on the results produced.

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    Unit4 Account Analysis - helping your organization increase the effectiveness and efficiency of financial data analysis.
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    Our unique Cloud Your Way design empowers your team to move solutions in whole or in part between public cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployment.  You achieve compliance and security as you control what goes on the cloud and when it gets there. That is the power of Business World’s Cloud Your Way.

    The solution that we deliver has the same functional depth, no matter how you choose to deploy it.

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  • "It saves lots of time and money and reduces errors significantly."

    - De Smet, Accountants

  • "We can now underpin our management information with analysis reports."

    Van Harberden, Accountants

Key advantages

With Unit4 Account Analysis, both internal and external accounting professionals are better placed to analyze and advise on financial data. It improves the quality and breadth of information generated and frees teams to focus on more strategic activities.

Keeping you ahead of change

Complex, continually evolving structures and IT systems can significantly complicate reporting, cost control and the evaluation and analysis of financial data at a group level.Account Analysis provides the complete, accurate and up-to-date understanding of the organization’s finances to support all those involved in financial risk and control – whether finance teams, internal or external auditors or corporate decision-makers.

A smarter, more streamlined solution

Account Analysis offers you more effective statistical control and analysis with the best combination of efficiency, quality and reliability. Easy to set up and to use, it is extremely straightforward for users to fine tune and adapt, so that accounting professionals can be more productive and add value, without specialized training or extra (costly) technical support.

Giving you the full picture

It gathers data from any number or type of ERP or financial management systems (including the top 5 international ERP software packages). It then translates the data into a single, shared uniform standard, so that it can be used for central analysis, regardless of the various data structures and system rules of the source systems.

Sharper financial focus and control

Account Analysis enables intelligent risk-based financial reporting, which helps accountants identify specific accounts that have a high level of risk. It provides a "single version of the truth", so the finance team can produce fast, uniform, high-quality reports to support better decision-making and enable auditing comparisons and assessments to be made from an agreed set of reliable and detailed data.

Key capabilities

The Unit4 Account Analysis solution covers the full range of an organization's financial analysis requirements, in the following key ways:

  • Users don't need specialized technical knowledge.
  • Enables comparison of financial data from different sources and systems.
  • Straightforward drill-down to transaction-level information.
  • Making customized data grids, cross-sections and selections is easy.
  • Can be instantly used in customer engagements.
  • Includes a large set of default audit reports.
  • Custom pivot tables are easy to create.
  • Facilitates period comparison analyses.
  • Allows for an unlimited number of classifications of journal entries for detailed analysis, lead sheets and periodical reporting.
  • Checks suspense accounts.
  • Flexible data browsing by ledger account, amount, journal entry.
  • Ability to save analyses in PDF, Excel or Word format.
  • Ability to attach Unit4 Account Analysis reports to the process templates and individual projects within Unit4 Audit & Control.

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