Why Unit4?

  • At a glance

    Unit4 Statutory Reporting enables accountancy firms and enterprises of any size to produce financial reports more quickly, easily and accurately:

    • The solution delivers standard reports that can be tuned to IFRS and local GAAP requirements.
    • Offering the potential to reduce the number of errors made in statutory reporting by 75% and to improve efficiency by as much as 40%.
    • For accountancy firms – Unit4 is a long-established enterprise application provider, delivering proven accountancy solutions that help firms to streamline annual report preparation for clients.
    • For enterprises – Unit4 has applied many years of accountancy industry expertise to help enterprises’ CFOs and controllers to generate the annual report themselves and to work with their accountants more efficiently and effectively.

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  • A better solution

    More than 600,000 reports are prepared with Unit4 Statutory Reporting each year and the solution is used by over 2,700 accountancy practices and enterprises.

    • Supporting accountancy firms
      We have specialized in providing ICT solutions to accountancy practices and administrative offices for more than 25 years. Our solution helps accountants to service their many clients more cost effectively – delivering standard financial reports that can be tuned to comply either IFRS or local legislation and that are designed to standardize and re-use as much as possible, to minimize the preparation time for each one.
    • Supporting enterprises
      We also help CFOs to stay in control of the financial reporting aspects of their planning and control cycle and meet their obligations to regulators and external stakeholders. Our solution enables easy import from almost any financial or consolidation source system and delivers a full financial reporting environment with standard reports that can be tuned to IFRS and local GAAP requirements.

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    Unit4 Statutory Reporting – taking you from trial balance through to finished report.
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  • Cloud Your Way

    Our unique Cloud Your Way design empowers your team to move solutions in whole or in part between public cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployment.  You achieve compliance and security as you control what goes on the cloud and when it gets there. That is the power of Business World’s Cloud Your Way.

    The solution that we deliver has the same functional depth, no matter how you choose to deploy it.

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  • "We have deliberately chosen Unit4 to support all aspects of our service, since we are satisfied that Unit4 is a very professional organization and we are getting value for money. …Now we are working 100 percent digital."

    Partner, Tinnemans van Loon

  • "Unit4 Statutory Reporting paid for itself in less than 2 years."

    - CFO, Stainalloy Nederland

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  • "The investment is very low, compared to the time savings you can make. The year after deploying Unit4 Statutory Reporting, we saved around 160 hours in preparing the statutory and consolidated annual reports. And it made the process much more secure and reliable."

    - Deputy Manager, Finance, John T. Essberger

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  • "This is standard software, perfect for the accountancy sector. But how good for our specific requirements? That was the question! …The construction of our reporting model went smoothly and the preparation of financial statements then went very well. …We can now prepare reports much faster than before."

    Financial Manager, ZLM Assurance

  • "I can recommend Unit4 Statutory Reporting for housing associations with multiple activities and entities. The package has already paid for itself after just a year. Preparing annual reports will be much more efficient in future."

    - Project Accountant, Eigen Haard

Key advantages

With Unit4 Statutory Reporting (formerly Audition), both accountancy firms and enterprises’ own finance professionals will be able to prepare and produce annual financial reports – more easily and more accurately than ever before.

Built for compatibility

Statutory Reporting is designed for flawless data mapping from your source systems.

It helps you pull together the financial data (trial balance) required for preparing the annual reports, regardless of the ERP or finance systems involved – including separate third-party systems.

Understanding and meeting your needs

It’s vital for any enterprise that they can understand and meet the requirements of local legislation for statutory reporting. Our solution keeps you up to date, by providing standard and easily re-usable models that enable you to comply with the latest relevant legislation. If applicable, these standard models are also enriched with specific regulations for the industry involved.


Accounting for change

Unit4 solutions are light, flexible and agile – easy to mold precisely to the needs of your organization and keep in step through ongoing change, to deliver the precise data and insights you need.

Statutory Reporting is a great example of this:

  • Providing smart integration and mapping to easily keep pace with changes in your source systems.
  • Designed for flexible modeling to rapidly adjust to new compliance requirements or industry-specific reporting changes.


A smarter, more streamlined solution


Statutory Reporting overcomes many obstacles that can complicate and slow the process of preparing annual reports. In particular, it makes it much quicker and easier to get results than is possible in Excel:

  • Reporting efficiency is significantly better, thanks to a fast and intuitive trial balance module.
  • The chance of errors is greatly reduced, thanks to the solution’s built-in validation and mapping routines.
  • It creates a simple, clear, visible trail from data to reporting model to annual report for maximum auditability.

Key capabilities

The Unit4 Statutory Reporting solution covers the full range of an organization’s annual report preparation requirements, including a range of specific strengths:

  • Unlimited number of templates.
  • Easy import of financial data from virtually all ERP/financial packages.
  • Financial data retrieval enhanced by “reporting codes”.
  • User-friendly interface for working efficiently and reliably from the trial balance.
  • Standard models for the preparation of single and consolidated financial statements and periodic reports.
  • Standard, English language, financial reports that can be tuned to IFRS and local GAAP requirements.
  • Easy-to-customize exception handling.
  • Clear audit trail from data to model to annual report.

More from Unit4

Unit4 Statutory Reporting is part of a suite of Financial Management solutions that provide comprehensive support for the Office of the CFO including:

Our internationally available solutions are also complemented by various regional products and services that support the requirements of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialized business processes.