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Value4U: The Unit4 ERP ROI calculator

Let us help you calculate some common areas where digital transformation with Unit4 ERP delivers significant return on investment.

Cost is important but value matters too

Implementing a new ERP solution isn’t just about cost. It’s about the value your organization can generate from improvements – to your operations but also to people experience and engagement. The right ERP can expedite timelines, streamline processes and make better work possible.

This leads to higher levels of productivity and innovation, greater employee satisfaction and reduced turnover. Not to mention the potential to embrace new improvements and opportunities that can only be brought to light when your data is integrated, aligned, and available on demand.

We’ve developed this calculator to help you get an idea of the kind of value your organization could benefit from with Unit4 ERP. We’ve chosen a few of the biggest areas of improvement that we generally see in organizations in your industry to demonstrate what’s possible.

But if you want to see something more specific, get in touch by filling out the contact form below.

Our consultants are standing by to develop a free tailor-made business case that will calculate the total value of implementing Unit4 ERP for your organization.

If you’d like to know more about Unit4 and our solutions, check out some of the resources below or get in touch and we can book a short demo that showcases exactly what our tools can do for you and your organization.

What are the analysts saying about Unit4?

Discover what analysts across the enterprise software sphere have to say about our products, how they compare to the competition, and how we’re leading the way in people-centric, cloud-based solutions.

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IDC ERP guide

Choosing an ERP solution is one of the biggest long-term decisions an organization can make. To help you understand the implications and ensure you know what you need from an ERP and how to look for it, check out this ERP selection guide, courtesy of IDC.

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Why Unit4?

Explore our products and learn how they give your people the means to focus on what matters, and how the people you serve can benefit from this renewed ability to add value.

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Let’s talk about what People Experience means 4U.

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