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X4U Product Focus – exploring transformative change in Higher Ed

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at what we’re offering for each of our primary products at our upcoming global virtual event Experience4U. Starting with FP&A, this track will focus on the future of financial planning with the Unit4 FP&A suite – and how your organization can build flexible, effective plans in a world where change is constant and process and workflow innovations are necessary aspects for your success.

This year’s FP&A program consists of 4 sessions. We’re very pleased to bring you some fantastic customer use cases, a masterclass in financial storytelling, and an in-depth look at the future of Unit4 FP&A and its upcoming new features.

Unit4 FP&A today and tomorrow – our roadmap for an open solution, ERP integration, performance, and some fresh ideas on reporting and storytelling

Unit4’s Head of FP&A Production Management and IBCS Association President Rolf Hichert discuss the future of Financial Planning and Analysis. Exploring how our software can help you do business in a world of constant change where innovation in processes, adapting tools to new uses, and capitalizing quickly on changing circumstance pave the way to your success.

We’ll be exploring:

  • The latest updates in FP&A.
  • How out-of-the-box industry models and content can speed up your implementations and keep your organization ahead of the curve.
  • New concepts for reporting and financial storytelling, and how you can use them secure a clear picture of the path ahead - and gain stakeholder buy-in for your approach.

Paint a picture with numbers: how to use Unit4 FP&A to tell the story of your data – from what it means to why it matters.

Our customer Bernhard Kretz, Business Segment Controller for MVV Eenergie AG joins us to explore how one of Germany’s leading energy companies – focused on providing a reliable, economical, and environmentally-friendly supply of energy to customers – has used Unit4 FP&A to set up an innovative reporting and storytelling solution that makes numbers make sense for their complex group organization.

In this session, we’ll look at how MVV:

  • Reports across a complex matrix organization with hundreds of subsidiaries.
  • Created an approach that helps develop meaningful reporting packages to their board of directors.
  • Benefit from a deeper level of insight while still realizing significant time savings.

Seeing beyond the horizon: East of England Ambulance Service Trust make budgeting and forecasting quick and simple

Darren Ward, Senior Finance Analyst for the EEAST, presents how the Trust has successfully reduced its Excel burden, unified its datastreams, and more effectively serves 6.2 million citizens and directs resources to over 1 million emergency calls each year.

Tune in to this session to learn how the Trust:

  • Involves more than 100 budget stakeholders to provide input, building high participation in planning and strengthening buy-in.
  • Implemented rolling forecasts and dashboards with drill-down functionality.
  • Saved countless hours and benefitted from complete visibility and control of their financial processes.

Making every cent count in CAPEX – how Unit4 FP&A makes planning capital expenditure easier for a complex, forward-thinking group organization

Hirschvogel Automotive Group is one of the largest international automotive suppliers in steel and aluminium forging and matching – with approximately 1bn revenue, 6,000 employees, and 9 production plants worldwide. Their parts can be found in nearly every car.

In this session, we’ll introduce the company’s Unit4 FP&A powered CAPEX planning solution. A solution that helps them accurately plan and control investments across their entire estate.

Join this session to learn how they:

  • Implemented their solution in a challenging time frame and ended up with a tool that’s not just helpful for finance, but for project managers and leaders too.
  • Gain valuable insights that inform decision making (e.g. regarding sustainable investments.)
  • Achieved flexibility and benefits due to massive time savings thanks to the solution.
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