It all starts with you

You understand how your business works best. But are you always being told “That’s not how the system works”? That needs to stop!
You shouldn’t let your enterprise software dictate what your organization can or can’t achieve. Unit4’s approach is different. Our solutions start with you. They are built for service and government organizations and designed to bend towards your people. Say goodbye to old-style enterprise software. Now, you make the rules!

You're Special

Your people deliver services to your customers, students and citizens - and you deserve enterprise applications built specifically for that.

Simplify Work

Your people handle very complex tasks, but smarter solutions can make it much simple to get those tasks done.

Live Change

Your organization evolves every day and adapting to change is as simple and efficient for your people, as running your day-to-day processes.

Cloud, Your Way

It shouldn’t matter where your applications run. Changing between public or private cloud and on-premise should always be your choice.

What if… enterprise applications were purpose -built for service organizations?

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ERP has transformed manufacturing, with its repeatable and standardized processes. But for service and government organizations, it’s time to deploy enterprise applications that are specifically designed for people and change. What would that look like?

It would start with your business realities and adapt to them as they change. You could eliminate the risk of creating inflexible legacy systems. You would benefit from the experience of thousands of peers worldwide, who have shaped the core functions of software out of the box. In short: it would be totally adaptable for you to make the rules.

Time for a change

Today’s people-centric organizations face a more complex and dynamic environment than ever before. New competitors, rising customer expectations. When your organization is adapting to constant changes in the market, technology and talent, you need to make your own rules to succeed. Service and government organizations need people-centric enterprise solutions that provide the tools to communicate, plan and problem-solve. It’s time to challenge the status quo of business software. Transcend the traditional and rigid ERP systems that were built for repetitive processes. Unit4 offers you a new breed of agile enterprise applications built on a revolutionary “People Platform” that help people work smarter, faster and more collaboratively. With our people-driven solutions, you make the rules.

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What if… enterprise applications actually bent towards your people instead of the other way round?

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Unit4 is in business for people. People aren’t automatons, or machines. They come to make a change and serve a higher purpose. Instead of consuming your people’s time with data entry tasks or static software tools, liberate them to work better and smarter. Help them collaborate and create as part of a team.

With comprehensive, role-specific tools and full control over change that people can change themselves, you’ll finally be delivering applications that empowers your people to fulfill their purpose with passion.

Lavorare meglio

La Unit4 People Platform offre un nuovo livello di funzionalità progettate attorno alle esigenze delle persone, e consente di sfruttare i più recenti progressi nelle tecnologie più importanti (come social, mobile, analisi predittive, cloud e big data).

Essa fornisce grandi  benefici ai prodotti di Unit4, rendendoli intuitivi, facile da cambiare e flessibili da utilizzare.

Responsabilizzare le Persone

Dipendenti e clienti sono alla ricerca di applicazioni aziendali che forniscano un’esperienza di utilizzo di tipo consumer.


  • Maggiore produttività e facilità di adozione
  • Ambiente di lavoro completamente digitale ed accessibile da qualunque device
  • Facile accesso a tutte le più importanti informazioni
  • Maggiore impegno e nessun downgrade digitale


Abbracciare il Business

Le organizzazioni di servizi hanno bisogno di funzionalità di business integrate che rispondono pienamente alle loro esigenze.


  • Soluzioni ad hoc per ruoli e compiti
  • Supporto flessibile al processo di business
  • Facile accesso alle informazioni
  • Maggiore produttività grazie alla facilitazione dell’attività lavorativa svolta con i colleghi


Insight che guidano il contesto grazie a innovazioni digitali come Social, Mobile, Google Analytics, Big Data e IoT.


  • Creazione di nuovi insight sul business Ad esempio migliori stime di completamento del progetto attraverso una sentiment analysis delle comunicazioni
  • I processi aziendali vengono semplificati ed eliminate le attività manuali. Ad esempio si possono creare fogli precompilati di note spese attraverso l’utilizzo dei dati relativi all'ubicazione dei dispositivi mobili e sull’analisi del comportamento basati sui big data.

Consentire il cambiamento

Nell'era digitale ogni azienda ha bisogno di reagire e adattarsi rapidamente all’ambiente esterno.


  • Funzionalità Extend and Relate consentono ai cambiamenti di diventare immediatamente parte integrante dell’applicazione
  • FlexiFields permettono customizzazioni senza l’intervento di esperti IT
  • La Foundation utilizza i dati strutturati e non strutturati

What if… managing change came naturally to your software?

Mostra Nascondi

Traditional ERP systems were built for machines and rely on repetitive processes. That's just not how people-centric organizations work; the competitive landscape is always changing and you need to change with it to prosper. What if your system was built on an elastic foundation that would extend as you evolve?

With change completely under the control of your people from the highest enterprise level down to individual users – and requiring no coding at all – you can eliminate the costs and delays required for making changes to traditional ERP. With Unit4, information, workflow and analytics are all integrated, so one change automatically populates throughout the software to keep your enterprise applications working at the speed of your people.


Unit4 Financials

Create more perspective - Bigger picture thinking: That’s what every finance department needs. Now Unit4 Financials (formerly UNIT4 Coda) delivers more perspective than ever before, thanks to its unique capabilities, Analyzer and Flexi-Fields.

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Unit4 Business World Milestone 5

Create more perspective - Bigger picture thinking: That’s what every finance department needs. Now Unit4 Financials (formerly UNIT4 Coda) delivers more perspective than ever before, thanks to its unique capabilities, Analyzer and Flexi-Fields.

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What if… Cloud deployments came without compromise?

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There’s no single balance between on-premise, private cloud and public cloud that works for every organization. With Unit4, our “Cloud Your Way” approach means that no matter where you deploy, you’ll have full functionality, fast implementation, and total flexibility.

You can always move to different cloud models, or bring elements back in-house. Upgrade at your own pace to suit your business and workflows. And with additional security and disaster recovery options available, you can deploy in the cloud with complete confidence.

Why Unit4

People are at the heart of service organizations and government agencies. Unit4 has been built from the ground up to reflect the business realities of people-centric organizations without limitations.
The Unit4 people-driven approach is evident...

  • our flexible, adaptable applications that grow and evolve with your people
  • our social and mobile capabilities that keep them connected wherever they are
  • our embedded analytics and industry-specific capabilities ready right out of the box
  • the Cloud Your Way approach that delivers cloud deployment without compromises
  • the Smart Context capabilities that learn from every interaction in your system

Above all, our approach to helping people-centric organizations succeed is in our core philosophy:
we make the applications, you make the rules.

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