Lower your blood pressure with value driver-based planning?
lower your blood pressure

Lower your blood pressure with value driver-based planning?

Doctors wouldn’t calculate your chances of a heart attack by using a number from a year-old blood test. Nor would they look at someone else’s blood work results.

So why do some financial planners rely on old and irrelevant information? Particularly in these changing and uncertain times, it’s essential to discover what influences your business and drives performance – in other words, the key levers, also known as your value drivers. Then you should use this information not just to keep score of what happened in the past but also to plan for future success.

Excellence in value driver-based planning means looking all the way back in time and combining this with the most up-to-date information. It also requires us to recognize that – like the human body – everything in your business is interconnected within one system. A small change in expenditure, for example, is very likely to alter other numbers across the business and may even impact revenue.

Of course, recognizing this interconnectedness gets super-complicated. Despite best efforts, it’s impossible to keep all value drivers in mind or in a single Excel file. But the business requires the identification and manipulation of value drivers to enable accurate simulations and scenario-based planning.

The solution is smart digital tools. Our FP&A team can help you find the right value drivers for overall planning and partial plans, as well as your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Over time, artificial intelligence will learn about your business and provides guidance to improve your results.

When everything is connected and rolling forwards, your business gains substantial competitive advantage. And this will probably lower your blood pressure too.

See this in action. Watch the video now.

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Sascha Alber

Sascha Alber

After more than 10 years of experience as a Project and Product Manager at SAP, Sascha Alber joined Unit4 FP&A in August 2016. After 4 months as a Product Manager for the FP&A platform, he became Head of Product Management. Since January 2019 Sascha is the Head of Unit4 FP&A & Managing Director of FP&A responsible for managing the Unit4 FP&A portfolio.
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