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Cost savings and improved operations on the Cloud

City of Port Coquitlam — a growing municipality in Canada — has become known for its high citizen engagement, partly due to its use of innovative technology.

City of Port Coquitlam

The Challenge

The city’s IT resources were being diverted from core functions to infrastructure maintenance and data security. They faced high costs of maintaining private data storage infrastructure and it was challenging to staff Unit4 ERP experts to optimize the system.

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● Public Sector

● 60,000 citizens

● Based in Canada

Our Solution

Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Improve your people’s daily lives with our suite of fully integrated enterprise applications.

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Resource Savings

Fewer specialized in-house IT resources required for managing both the infrastructure and Unit4 ERP itself, bringing cost savings on staff recruitment, training and retention.

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Worry-free Security and Compliance

Cloud backup security and data accessibility are vastly improved. Plus, guaranteed compliance with data security laws.

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Continuous Innovation

Always being on the latest version of Unit4 ERP means an instant advantage of new functionality. New features are introduced organically and on a regular schedule.

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Having Unit4 ERP “...on the cloud has been a very positive change for the City. We have reduced our costs, improved our security and greatly increased our insight and understanding of the financial operations and costs.

Robin Wishart

Director of Corporate Support

How Did Unit4 Help?

  • Provided specialists to run the software, maintain all the technical operations, and conduct upgrades

  • Provided systems and support 24/7

  • Provided system that was easily integrated with other software, including other cloud solutions

  • Intuitive ERP product greatly improved insight into financial operations

  • Product provides trust and comfort on the Microsoft platform

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