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Optimize and grow your digital ecosystem with
Unit4 Industry Mesh

Integrate your cloud apps and data

Mid-market organizations need the agility of cloud and SaaS solutions to adapt to market disruption as well as meet rapid growth targets. All are faced with managing a growing portfolio of cloud apps, but find themselves constrained by endless integration challenges, and inability to free up core data and cope with rapid change.

Unit4 Industry Mesh builds upon our next-generation platform – ERPx – with a dedicated focus on the needs of service-centric industries. Here's how it helps your teams:

Optimize your business application ecosystem

Ensure data efficiency with connectors tailor-made for your specific industry.

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Reduce the burden of maintaining data flows

Eliminate cost/time for professional services and manual data work.

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Enable strategic advantage

Guarantee the most comprehensive and accurate data and insights to empower strategic decision making.

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Unit4 Industry Mesh

Delivering integration across
business-critical applications

Hit “Play” to see how Unit4 Industry Mesh – a new multi-tenant cloud service available as part of the ERPx cloud platform – can help you adapt to your industry’s changing needs.

An industry-specific solution

Bringing the latest ERP advances together with turnkey data flows that are tailored to each industry, delivering a faster time to value.

By providing and maintaining a specifically developed bundle of industry-fit data flows to commonly used apps, Unit4 gives you a modern, enterprise-wide service that connects your finance, project, and HR teams with always up-to-date information that is right for them.


Productivity impact typically saves mid-sized organizations $1.2m/€1.0m per year.

Source: Internal Unit4 Research, April 2021

What’s included?

Unit4 Industry Mesh includes a host of universal data flows
with leading providers such as:

  • Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics: capture cost-of-sales and support billing for finance users; provide invoice & reminder data for account execs.

  • Dun & Bradstreet for customer credit ratings.

  • Slack and Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

  • Microsoft Outlook integration to automatically bring absences, training and assignments into calendars.

  • Oanda for exchange rates.

  • for U.S. government watch lists.

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce for customer and supplier data.

  • Many other integrations, including: tax filing, e-invoicing, banking, document management and credit card transactions.

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"Unit4 Industry Mesh: Multi-tenant Industry Cloud Service for Managing Integration and Resources Across Business-Critical Applications."

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Unit4 ERPx offers you next-generation capabilities, user experience and cloud platform – removing the complexity of the past.

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