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The People Experience Suite

The Unit4 People Experience Suite empowers organizations that serve people to elevate their business, engage their people and plan ahead.

The Unit4 People Experience Suite will humanize and streamline how your vital work gets done.

It features technologies such as:

A natural-language digital assistant to help expedite manual processes and get answers fast

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Low-code/no-code tools to more easily change, grow and automate tasks and processes by connecting and creating extensions, integrations and applications

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Machine learning services to help your people work smarter and faster

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Built on the Unit4 People Platform

The People Platform is a micro-services-based SaaS architecture that underpins the delivery of intelligent enterprise applications. It provides the foundation for your organization to innovate and deliver great experiences for your people.

Backed by the full Unit4 People Experience Suite


Enterprise Resource Planning

Improve your people’s daily lives with our suite of fully integrated enterprise applications

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Make better business decisions faster and transform performance data into clear and usable insights

Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

Human Capital Management

Talent enablement software featuring engagement, performance and learning-management tools

Unit4 - Human Capital & Talent Management Software

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