Industry Advisory Council for Construction

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Today we had our second Unit4 Industry advisory council meeting for Construction at Skanska’s beautiful office in Oslo. The goal of the Advisory Council is to build a long-term relationship and establish a sounding board for our vertical focused solutions and business development going forward. For Unit4 to learn from our customers and for the customers to share experiences and challenges between them and learn from colleagues and competitors. Simply “Better Together!”

Participants were an exclusive group of 8 decision makers from the large Construction companies in the Nordics: Skanska, Veidekke, NCC, Peab and BetonmastHaere. Our special guest for this meeting was Mark Bew, a world class expert in BIM (Building Information Modeling) and responsible for the creation of the UK Government regulations regarding “BIM Level 3” that´s going to be effective from 2025.

Together with a line up from Unit4 we had a very interesting and informative day where we among other things discussed how BIM regulatory push in UK drives challenges and new opportunities for General Contractors and how that will impact future business models and software systems to support it. We discussed the vision of the End-to-end system and the journey to get there with open and smart integrated best of breed systems, supporting the core processes Cost estimation, Cost control, BIM, Procurement and ERP.

The 3 key takeaways from the meeting:

- BIM integrated with ERP, initiated as a UK Gov. regulatory push will most likely expand from UK public sector to our region and into private sector as well. It will take huge investments to get there but no doubts this is where we are going.

- In order to increase margins and lower society costs we need open systems that can help us learn from earlier projects and analyze data cross projects and allow full transparency.

- We need standardization of formats on how to share information between different parties in the sector and it would be a good idea to take a strong group like this to drive this in joint forces.

Jörgen Nylund

Director, working with global business development and change in Unit4.
Entrepreneur with passion for leadership, change and construction

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