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To stay on top of cost of delivery of education, and given the pressure to do more with less, your institution must be able to make informed decisions on how to expand and innovate curriculum delivery using consolidated data from across the core strategic platforms. Here is how:

Free yourself from decision-making based on error-prone spreadsheets, static reports and disparate data in Student Management, HR and Financial systems.

Create a strategic plan that can be measured and monitored on a more regular basis, driven from authoritative sources of the truth. All of this on an interactive model providing robust What-If analysis.

Use self-service Business Intelligence and advanced analytics to align initiatives, programs, cost and student enrollment data tied to the complete, financial plan.

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Learn how dynamic dashboards enable staff to drill down into the details they need, to do their job and meet their goals.

Institutional decision-making support
Get the facts behind efficient control of the metrics that matter in Higher Education.

Customer Testimonial:
Achieving transparent cost management
Explore the challenges and best practices for decision-making support.

3 ways staff can make smarter institutional decisions
Synchronize strategy and operations for a complete view of performance.

Joined-up working

A smarter, integrated approach to integrating data from your institution’s Student Management and  ERP applications.

– automate data collection & capture

Enable staff to work with a single, shared version of the truth that’s always complete and up to date.

– streamline processes & interaction

Provide intuitive, accessible and better-controlled web-based tools for better accuracy, consistency and understanding.

– measure performance, identify opportunities & mitigate risks

View data from different perspectives and reveal underlying trends, patterns, or insights.

– engage students & add strategic value

Free administration to add value and act as business partners to help stakeholders make better-informed decisions and support student success.

Discover how Unit4 can help for your role and sector

Unit4 Prevero (Corporate Performance Management)

A single platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, integrated business planning, and financial budgeting.

Unit4 solutions for Education

Innovative, next-generation applications to power academic, institutional and research success.

The Future of Financial Planning and Analysis

Find out how financial planning and analysis is evolving to support digital business initiatives.

Better insights with dashboards

Now your teams can keep all their metrics and KPIs at their fingertips...

Teaching and Studies Overview

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Finance and Personnel Overview

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Personnel Planning

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Cost Center Planning

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Sessional Teaching

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Student Planning

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