Some of the main types of customer service and engagement that we offer are:

  • Implementation services - delivering true solution ownership
    Unit4 products are designed for swift, "pain-free" implementation, getting them up and running quickly, with a minimum of impact on your staff and business. We apply proven, established services methodologies based on internationally accepted standard techniques to ensure your project is well planned, predictable and straightforward, and that end users can acquire all the knowledge and expertise necessary to assume full control and mastery of their solution.
  • Consulting - the know-how to optimise your system
    Our powerful solutions are complemented by dedicated in-house teams of business and technical experts, offering a wide range of assistance, such as technical services and business consultancy. Our experts work with you to build and maintain high-quality administrative, analysis and function-focused systems that meet your business challenges and help you to seize opportunities.
  • Training - the guidance to get more from your IT investment
    Our training teams can help your organisation to make the best possible use of your Unit4 products' tools and facilities. For example, helping users to:
    • understand in detail what our products can do
    • put your system in place more quickly and at a lower cost
    • get the maximum, ongoing return on your software investment
    • get benefits more quickly from new products
    Courses are delivered by professional trainers, who have a broad experience in working with our software. And, being part of our organisation, they are up to date with the latest product releases and technology and can draw on the experience of our other consulting and training professionals.
  • Support - assistance and information to keep your solution running smoothly
    Our network of multi-lingual support centres around the world gives you friendly, professional help to quickly and effectively solve any problems or queries that you experience with our products. Support services are tailored so that you can choose the level of assistance that best meets your requirements and available in-house resources. In addition, there are various online resources (e.g. product knowledge-bases and extranets) offering a wealth of helpful information and self-service assistance for our customers.
  • User Groups - In addition, we work in partnership with the various national and international User Groups for our products, to help keep our customers informed and engaged in our ongoing development of software that helps you achieve your business goals, both now and in the future.
  • Further information - This website covers the Unit4 group and offers you a high-level overview of our main types of customer service and engagement. To discover more about the full range of ways that we can help you in your region:

Please visit your local Unit4 website for details of the customer services available near you or contact us and we'll put you in touch with our nearest team.