At Unit4, our aim is to ensure you can achieve maximum benefit from using our solutions. With this in mind, we have developed a range of customer service options to complement your organization's resources and enable you to realize the full benefits of your investment in our solutions. Our Support services and resources play a key role in achieving this.

What are my options?

Choosing the right support model to suit your needs is an essential part of maximizing the value that Unit4 solutions can bring to your organization.

However, we also understand that no two organizations are identical and that our solutions will be more strategically important to some than to others. That’s why we offer a range of Tiered Support plans for different types of Unit4 solution (global cloud, on-premise, local products) .

In each case, there are three support plans to choose from:

  1. Standard – prompt, reactive support (i.e. when needed) to get you back up and running if something goes wrong.

  2. Enhanced – proactive support to ensure your organization gains good business value from your Unit4 products.

  3. Premium – holistic support, working in close partnership with you, to deliver the very best from our software and services.

And there are different options within each plan, to deliver the level of support that fits your specific needs from Day One, as well as the flexibility to upgrade as your needs evolve.


How can I access Unit4 Support services?

Global Support Portal

We’re committed to providing easy access to the knowledge and friendly, professional help you need to quickly and effectively solve any problems or queries that you experience with our products.

To facilitate this, we have developed global portals for customers and partners, which allow you to access various sources of information at Unit4 – with a single login!

Moving our solutions over to the global portal is a phased program. The following table lists the Unit4 solutions that are already covered.

Solutions covered

Your portal


  • Unit4 Absence Manager

  • Unit4 Business World

  • Unit4 Crom

  • Unit4 Dream Financials

  • Unit4 Financial Performance Management (formerly: Unit4 Consolidation & Cash)

  • Unit4 Financials

  • Unit4 HAMBO

  • Unit4 HRM Portal

  • Unit4 KIRP7

  • Unit4 KIRP8

  • Unit4 KundNet

  • Unit4 MAP

  • Unit4 Prevero

  • Unit4 Profiskal

  • Unit4 Property Management

  • Unit4 QL Award Management

  • Unit4 QL CRM

  • Unit4 QL Financials

  • Unit4 QL Payroll/Personnel

  • Unit4 QL Students

  • Unit4 Transfare

  • Unit4 Webinfo

Unit4 Customers for these solutions
should log into customers.unit4.com/portal.


Unit4 Partners for these solutions
should log into partners.unit4.com/portal.

Please see below for more details.

Our other solutions will be moved over in future release phases of the global portal.

Please see below for:

Key benefits

The global portals provide a convenient entry point to support for your Unit4 solutions:

  • Global delivery model with single sign-in for all your primary and customer-specific portals.
  • See and access exactly what you want from around Unit4 – 24x7.
  • Knowledge base with familiar, intuitive context-related search tools.
  • Obtain documentation, software updates, and the latest information about your product including relevant localizations.

Please watch this video for a quick overview of how the Customer and Partner support portals can help your organization.


Sign up for Sign-in

With our tailored portals, you can submit a support request, access all your relevant documentation, and obtain region-specific information. If you already use our portals, Unit4 provides access to these without having to log into each of them separately – a single user name and password will give you instant access.

If you wish to have an account for one of our portals, please send us an email to: admin.support@unit4.com.

In your email, please identify the Unit4 products used by your organization and we will quickly get you connected to our terrific team of support consultants!

Support for other Unit4 solutions

As outlined above, work is continuing on the migration to our global support system: customers.unit4.com/portal

In the meantime, we will continue to support our other software solutions via the existing channels and online resources, primarily: my.unit4.com and my.assistancesoftware.com.

If you are using our APAC solution, Unit4 Prosoft HRMS, head over to https://unit4hrms.com/customers to directly access the Prosoft customer portal.


Support for Unit4 Partners

As outlined above, partners.unit4.com/portal delivers functionality for a growing range of Unit4 solutions, including raising and maintaining tickets on behalf of customers and access to knowledge and documentation.

We also provide a wide range of additional online resources – all via a single login account – to support our Partners in delivering services and solutions to our mutual customers, including:

  • Implementation methodology & value accelerator resources.
  • Online training, tutorials and certification resources.
  • Sales, marketing, PR and branding materials.

To find out more, please talk to your Unit4 Partner Manager or contact us