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Going global!

Unit4 is transforming support for the Business World On!, Financials and Dream solutions.

Our teams are working hard to deliver even higher levels of customer satisfaction, through an improved high quality, predictable and scalable global support service.

Rich, self-service knowledge-delivery systems:

  • Delivered in English for the widest possible audience.
  • Instant “google-quality” access to resolve questions.
  • A living knowledgebase, constantly updated.

Ultra-efficient request routing:

  • Consistent, expedited handling of support requests.
  • Helping your teams to always reach the right analyst at the right time.

Friendly, responsive support teams:

  • Global support, standardized in English, making the best use of pooled skills to solve problems.
  • In-country staff available to solve issues in the local language.

Central support hubs:

  • Supplementing in-country support.
  • Expanding our service solutions.
  • Continuing our drive for standardized processes and high quality results.

Introducing…Support Your Way

Here’s a quick summary of the main points:

  • We are growing to a global delivery model with central hubs and integrated teams of subject matter experts comprised of central and in-country analysts. This enables delivery of support using standardized processes, so the entire organization engages with Unit4 customers in one consistent, high-quality way.
  • We are expanding our self-service knowledge resources to enable customers to obtain answers to questions 24x7. A lot of resources have already been created and this is a living process with new articles being produced and added as support requests are answered.
  • The various separate ticketing systems are being integrated into a single Customer Portal to help us deliver a seamless approach to all aspects of the relationship with our customers.
  • We are continually improving and expanding our tiered support model to ensure we are able to best serve our customers based on their specific needs.

To find out more about Support Your Way, watch this short video.

What if… the answers you need could be at your fingertips 24x7?

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Now they are!

If you have a question or encounter a problem in using your Unit4 solution, there’s a good chance that somebody else will have already raised it. We provide a rich self-service knowledge bank that you can explore with the ease of familiar online search tools. Knowledge management is a living process with frequent articles published as new support requests are submitted. In a great many cases, this is quicker and more appropriate than speaking to an analyst and your feedback on the information can also help refine it for the rest of the Unit4 user community.

What if… your request was always handled the most efficient and effective way?

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Our new system is designed to make it as quick and convenient as possible for you to obtain the support you need.

  • Support requests can be submitted via the web, email or by telephone.
  • The web self-service route is fully integrated into our case management system. If no solution can be found in the existing knowledge database, then the system creates a support request.
  • Requests submitted in English will be placed in a queue for anyone in our global team to work.
  • Requests submitted in a local language will be placed in a queue for staff in our local office to work.

What if… you could always rely on the most appropriate global and local expertise?

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Support Your Way guides you to the right level of support to solve your problem as quickly and conveniently as possible, whether you need simple “how to” advice, quick fixes for known situations, basic troubleshooting or more specialized assistance from our global or local teams.

What if… you could benefit from shared central standards, resources and service innovation?

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Our new central support model is powered by an integrated customer portal, which enables us to achieve new levels of customer engagement and satisfaction:
  • Smarter systems
    • Knowledge at your fingertips 24 hours per day with instant case creation as needed.
    • Case routing to central or local staff, depending on multiple criteria.
    • Enhanced self-service capabilities. 
  • Globally consistent processes
    • Improving our ways of working for more efficient and consistent support delivery.
    • Faster resolution of issues due to a larger combined pool of experts. 
  • Globalized support
    • Business World and Financials centers are being expanded to complement local teams.

Want to know more?

For additional information about Support Your Way please visit our FAQ page
If you have any questions or comments then please let us know by emailing admin.support@unit4.com.