Q: How do I access the new Portal? Posted 13 th July 2016


Customers gain access to the new portal with the following URL: customers.unit4.com/portal and partners will have their own unique portal to submit requests: partners.unit4.com/portal.

The first time you access this new link, you will use your same email login ID, but must reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password”.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem resetting my password? Posted 13 th July 2016


If you experience any difficulty accessing the new portal, please contact your local Unit4 Customer Support team by phone or email. You can also send an email to our service desk: admin.support@unit4.com indicating your organization and specific concern.

Q: When is all this happening? Posted 13 th July 2016


Most Business World and Financials customers have already moved to the new Portal. Other customers will be scheduled for a transition over the next several months.

Q: How does the Knowledge System work? Posted 17 th March 2016


Knowledge articles will be created for Unit4 Business World and Financials customers as a natural by-product of the support request process. You will have a rich self-service knowledge system integrated into our support request portal that provides a “Google-like” experience to answering your questions. If, when you are querying the Knowledge System, we cannot find an article that answers your question, the new Portal will automatically generate a Support Request for an analyst to solve. Knowledge management will be a living process with articles published frequently, as new support requests are submitted. The knowledge system also includes all online help text and displays current and closed cases that have been created by your organization.

Q: Will the Knowledge System include information about other products besides Business World and Financials? Posted 17 th March 2016


Initially we are concentrating our efforts to develop knowledge for the widest possible audience, customers of these two products. After we have gone live with the new system and have our standard processes underway, we will evaluate other products for inclusion in the Knowledge system.

Q: Will our existing support requests be available in the new system? Posted 17 th March 2016


Yes. We are converting three years of historical data into the new Portal

Q: Today I use email to respond to support requests. Will I continue to be able to use email? Posted 17 th March 2016


Customers will continue to be able to use email to respond to support requests. As with our current system, the proper subject assures the linkage to the open support request.

Q: I have heard the terms Assets and Entitlements used with the new Portal. What do these mean? Posted 17 th March 2016


Assets are the combination of products being used by a customer and the environments that product is installed. For example, XYZ Company uses Business World Version 5.1 in PROD and may also use Business World Version 5.2 in DEV. Entitlements describe the terms and conditions for which support is provided for a specific Product (or Asset). Entitlements indicate (among other things) response and resolution time targets, which Unit4 Support organization is responsible for providing primary support, and whether 24x7 support is offered.

Q: Will you establish something like a Customer Community? Posted 17 th March 2016


We are enthusiastic that our new Customer Portal includes the capability to facilitate customer communities. Such a community can allow customers to share best practices and collaboratively brainstorm business process solutions. We look forward to working with our customers to establish this community late in 2016.

Q: Are you changing the content of my support? Are you changing what kind of support I will be receiving? Posted 17 th March 2016


We are actively looking at a number of new support offerings. These include 24x7 emergency coverage; offering premium support for complex modules & infrastructure issues; and extending the R&D maintenance period for our products. We expect to announce those offerings in mid-2016.

Q: Is it true that all support is going to be given in English? Posted 17 th March 2016


No. Support will continue to be available in your current local language; however, we have established English as our standard language for support requests. As a complement to local analysts, fully deployed Support Centers will be staffed by a team that speaks and works in English. We will also be forming expert virtual teams to assist with more challenging requests from subject matter experts across the globe. Through that larger team, you will have access to resources with additional problem-solving skills.

Having English as our standard language also allows us to make all of our support ticket resolutions available via our new Self-Service Knowledge System. This will help you get the answer to a previously resolved question without waiting for an analyst.

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