Unit4 achieves HMRC recognition for its Business World Payroll solution

London, UK, 

London, UK, 14th November 2018 – Unit4, a world leader in enterprise systems for services organisations, has achieved HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) recognition for its Business World Payroll solution. Unit4 is listed on the UK Government’s website as a tested and approved supplier of payroll.  

To achieve this status, Unit4’s payroll solution was put through its paces by HMRC. Several scenarios had to be processed through the software to calculate pay, including Scottish PAYE calculations.

Following a review of the output results including format and data processed, HMRC is satisfied that Unit4’s payroll software meets its rigorous requirements for a digital PAYE solution. That is a solution that passes the right level of data securely via the HMRC Transaction Engine in real time (RTI).  

‘’Customers expect HMRC compliance in all aspects of payroll today,’’ said Derren Nisbet, UKI managing director and regional president at Unit4. ‘’We are really pleased that our Unit4 Payroll product has achieved this recognition. It gives our customers confidence in meeting HMRC requirements while delivering effective and accurate payroll functionality to their business.’’

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