Why Unit4?

  • At a glance

    Unit4 Cash Flow Planning will free you from unreliable spreadsheet-based workarounds, simplify and automate the cash planning process and consolidate your forecasts and cash balances – giving you reliable figures and the extra time in which to analyse them.

    • Input and process control – flexible templates, views and alerts to enable optimum data capture, visibility and management.
    • Currency exposure and hedge efficiency – in-built logic and tools to calculate key group-level indicators and analysis.
    • Reporting and analysis – streamlined tools using templates, automation and access controls to produce and communicate essential information.

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    Cash flow overview
    Unit4 Cash Flow Planning will automate and simplify the reporting of the group's cash position today, the cash needs for the future and the net currency exposure.
  • A better solution

    Unit4 Cash Flow Planning will help your organisation look beyond profit, to gain a clearer, more meaningful picture of ongoing financial health and success.

    • Delivering faster results
      Our solution is quick to implement, easy to integrate with any ERP or finance systems and offers a rapid return on investment. It delivers faster, more accurate cash forecasting and liquidity management, releasing staff to spend more time on value-added analysis instead of unproductive manual processing.
    • Simplifying and automating
      ​We have designed it from the ground up to help the finance team achieve more themselves without needing ongoing specialist support:
      • It provides a user-friendly single-screen environment, eliminating the need for complex processes or menu options.
      • Its easy-to-follow, wizard-driven import module gets you quickly up and running, without programming or expensive technical consultants.
    • Safeguarding business agility
      Its range of functions, together with the flexibility of its design and integration capabilities mean that our solution will keep delivering transparent, reliable cash planning as your organisation evolves – regardless of how many countries, ERP or finance systems and banks are involved.

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  • Cloud at your Speed

    Enabling your team to fully control your move to the cloud securely - at the speed you require.

    • Flexible: you choose if and when to transition your solutions to the cloud, with minimal effort.
    • Standardised: Easy to implement and use, with low implementation costs, and vastly reducing the time to value. 
    • Ready to use: Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any device without delay.
    • Business continuity: Continually benefit from the latest innovations with our cloud options - without extra configuration or extensive testing.

    With Cloud at your Speed, you have full control of what goes on the cloud, and when it gets there.

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  • "We are very excited about this package. It was a very good investment for us. This is very quick payback!"

    - Group Controller, Rompa Holdings

  • Unit4 Cash Flow Planning has given the Mölnlycke Health Care Group improved forecasting accuracy and access to flexible reports. It enables more reliable and consistent liquidity planning, while freeing up resources for analysis and monitoring.

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Key advantages

Unit4 enables you to seamlessly integrate cash and liquidity planning with the rest of your consolidation and general finance processes – helping you maximise the value of the treasury function by reducing costs and improving transparency.

Beating the challenges of cash management

Unit4 Cash Flow Planning overcomes the many obstacles that can complicate and slow cash and liquidity planning:

  • Freeing the group finance team from unreliable spreadsheet-based solutions.
  • Enabling you to cope easily with cash planning across many countries.
  • Handling inputs from any number of ERP systems and banks.
  • Producing robust figures more quickly, to enable a swifter response, and maximizing the time for proper analysis of the issues and options.

Keeping you ahead of change

Our solution's flexibility and scalability mean it is easily adaptable for times of business change, such as mergers and acquisitions or business restructuring. Coping with multiple ERP and other source systems is no longer a problem – data input can be automated thanks to the import module's user-friendly, wizard-driven setup, which minimises the need for complex import mapping or specialist programming skills.

A simpler, more focused approach

Unit4 Cash Flow Planning gives finance and treasury teams instant control of the group's liquidity forecast, net cash position and currency exposure. It includes a cash report builder that is standardised but still very flexible, with user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality and automatic graph presentations. And users are freed from the need to make up their own routines and reports thanks to an in-built efficiency report, using clear graphics to quickly show open positions and currency risks.

A smarter, more streamlined solution

The powerful yet user-friendly import module, combined with standard import templates (such as SWIFT MT940) make it cost-effective to automate input of bank balances and other cash planning data. This minimises manual work and avoids the need for programming expertise or expensive technical consultants. Working with the numbers is just as straightforward, using a single-screen environment without any complex processes or menu options.

Giving you the full picture

Unit4 Cash Flow Planning will enable you to quickly get a better view and understanding of your cash flow.

  • Compare and analyse forecasts – actual and currency exposure.
  • Quickly find differences by month, week and day.
  • Drill-down by currency and bank account.

Accurate forecasts that are easily and clearly represented in graphs will help give a positive response within your organization, eradicating liquidity forecasting challenges and providing more time to analyse the numbers.

Key Capabilities

  • Input and process control

    • Customisable input templates by company/unit.
    • Detailed reporting of cash data by currency and bank account.
    • Daily, weekly, monthly or mixed view.
    • Unlimited number of versions, such as forecast, actual, budget, transaction exposure.
    • Rule-based alert system that enforces comments and logs for large changes in the forecast.
    • Visual status reporting that ensures full process control.

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  • Currency exposure and hedge efficiency

    • In-built logic for calculation of currency (net) exposure in the selected company or group.
    • Full transparency and drill-down to company, currency pair and the forecasted cash transaction.
    • Standard reports with graphs for analysis of efficiency in hedging of forecasted or actual transaction exposure.
    • Input and import of hedge transactions at company level or group level.

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  • Reporting and analysis

    • Standard templates for reporting within both grid and graph.
    • Automatic consolidation of cash data in unlimited number of structures, such as legal, business unit, country, cash-pool.
    • Reports consolidated in optional currency and currency tables.
    • Publishing of reports with access to data controlled by user capabilities.

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More from Unit4

Unit4 Cash Flow Planning is part of an integrated and complete suite of solutions for financial performance management.

The suite combines powerful, easy-to-use solutions for group consolidation and cash planning with highly effective tools for financial performance reporting and analysis – all from a single, trusted vendor and all sharing the same, single version of the truth.

These solutions easily cope with inputs from any number of ERP, finance and other business systems (including our Unit4 Business World On! and Unit4 Financials solutions) and enable you to quickly adapt to accommodate new organisational structures, additional source systems, compliance regimes or GAAP reporting requirements.

Unit4 Consolidation & Cash

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