Why Unit4?

  • At a glance

    Suitable for organisations in any sector, market or industry Unit4 Recruitment is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS), delivered as a secure “Software as a Service” (SaaS), in partnership with Hireserve, a specialist recruitment solution provider.

    It creates a one-stop hiring resource to streamline internal recruiting operations, saving corporations time and money through integration, automation and collaboration. Unit4 Recruitment helps to manage all aspects of the hiring cycle - from job creation and posting to candidate attraction and engagement; from applicant screening and scheduling interviews to final job offer and integration with on-boarding platforms. 

    Primarily aimed at meeting the needs of HR Directors, Heads of Recruitment, Senior HR Management, Senior IT, HR Managers, Recruitment Managers, IT Management, Finance Directors & Marketing teams, Unit4 Recruitment has been designed with your people in mind.

    Unit4 Recruitment complements Unit4 Business World HR and Payroll, supporting the full recruitment process from start to finish.

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  • A better solution

    With Unit4 Recruitment you can put in place a complete, one-stop hiring management resource. The system streamlines internal recruitment operations more quickly, simply and consistently than ever before, by:

    • Dramatically reducing the costs of recruitment
    • Minimising time to hire
    • Reducing agency usage and costs
    • Reducing manual processes and tasks
    • Improving your ability to fill roles with the right people
    • Giving you a 24/7 global recruitment presence
    • Improving and automating candidate screening
    • Providing you with real-time management information
    • Offering a comprehensive standard and user-defined reporting suite
    • Seamlessly integrating with social media channels and mobile technologies
    • Enhancing your candidate engagement and communication
    • Improving your employer brand and visibility in a competitive recruitment landscape
    • Providing mobile-optimised careers sites and application forms
    • Giving you the tools to manage high volumes of applications efficiently and cost-effectively
    • Integrating seamlessly with Unit4 Business World
    • Integrating your recruitment system with your other key business systems

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  • Cloud your way

    We believe in choice. Our powerful cloud solutions are tailored to support your organisation today, and grow with your changing needs.

    Our Cloud Your Way design allows for greater security and flexibility to move between public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises deployment.

    No matter how you choose to deploy our solutions, they deliver the same functional depth; you can still upgrade at your own pace and you can rely on the same rapid data restoration if you need to recover from errors or accidents.


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Key Advantages

Our one-stop recruitment solution removes the challenges, frustrations and delays caused by factors such as inefficient manual processes, high volumes of applications and lack of visibility in a competitive recruitment landscape.

It saves you time

Instead of sifting through emails, opening various attachments or communicating with individual candidates one at a time, Unit4 Recruitment offers you a central, online database from which you can automate all your essential recruitment tasks. Send bulk branded and personalised emails to your candidates. Share jobs on your social media channels at the touch of a button. Create customised application forms, screen candidates, search CVs and schedule interviews all from one sleek, intuitive and user-friendly system.

It reduces your costs

Unit4 Recruitment can have a measurable impact on your recruitment costs. Recruitment cost-mapping helps you to keep track of your spend, whilst a suite of customisable reports means you can assess the ROI of different sources and channels.

The reduced manual processes will free team members’ time for other more commercially valuable tasks. What’s more, by offering the tools to improve your direct sourcing ability, Unit4 Recruitment enables you to reduce your reliance on agencies.

It improves your employer branding

Stand out from your competitors with a professional careers site. Built to reflect every inch of your corporate brand and seamlessly integrated with your existing website, your careers site should communicate your company culture and convince candidates to apply for a role with you.

Improve your reputation as an employer who cares by easily acknowledging every application status with Unit4 Recruitment’s range of communication tools and templates. With all manual processes now streamlined, everything from scheduling interviews to customised application forms provides your candidates with a sleek and simple experience they’ll be likely to share with their peers and colleagues.

It enhances your candidate attraction and engagement strategy

Share your vacancies across social media channels and make use of Unit4 Recruitment’s exciting Facebook and LinkedIn apps to engage with candidates and widen the reach of your vacancies.

Encourage talent to apply from anywhere in the world and using any device with Unit4 Recruitment’s innovative mobile tools. Integrated with a range of screening and testing tools, engage candidates with flawlessly integrated video interviewing, or interactive psychometric assessments.

Creating and storing a talent pool will ensure you don’t miss out on talent for future opportunities, and a branded candidate portal means that candidates can take control of their application and view their progress.

Key Capabilities

  • HR and Recruitment Administrative roles

    Unit4 Recruitment is the ideal choice for any organisation that wants to improve and streamline its hiring process, offering a solution to the common challenges faced by HR & Recruitment administrators, Recruiters and Senior Management.

    Previously time-consuming manual processes are made quicker, simpler and more efficient with Unit4 Recruitment as essential tasks are automated. Processes are completed from within Unit4 Recruitment’s sleek and intuitive online database, where information can be rapidly accessed, managed and stored. Saving invaluable time, HR and Recruitment administrators can focus on the more stimulating and strategically important elements of their role.

  • Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Roles

    Whether your particular challenge is recruiting for a competitive role or that your organisation has less visibility than others in your sector, Unit4 Recruitment provides you with the tools to enhance candidate attraction. From social media integrations to the ability to building a talent pool, you’ll be equipped to improve your direct sourcing channel and reduce your reliance on agencies. Most importantly, you have access to essential data to allow you to evaluate your recruitment campaigns and understand what your candidates are looking for.

  • Heads of Department and Senior Management Roles

    With a need to ensure your team is providing a strong ROI and your organisation is benefitting from the talent it needs, Unit4 Recruitment offers you the insight to make meaningful decisions. There’s at-a-glance data to help you ascertain the performance of your team’s talent acquisition, cost-mapping and reporting tools to allow you to forecast effectively and simple candidate sharing options to enable you to review applications quickly without the need for prolonged paperwork or email chains. Reducing time and resources, Unit4 Recruitment can result in your team being able to focus on more commercially valuable tasks rather than manual administration.

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Our internationally available solutions are also complemented by various regional products and services that support the requirements of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialised business processes. View all regional Unit4 solutions.