Unit4 Travel & Expenses at U4FCC in London

Posted by  Hilde Espeland

I’ve been to London. As the sponsor of Millennium Consulting’s U4FCC (Unit4 Financials and Cognos Conference), I had the pleasure of presenting at The Strand to a large, eager (English) audience about expenses. And Travel Expenses. And automation, Lean, Machine Learning and pattern recognition - all the buzzwords!

My Quick Fire Presentation - Unit4 Travel & Expenses

As I know the subject inside out, I really enjoyed taking to the stage to speak to the audience. Travel & Expenses is perhaps not the most exciting subject to tackle, and as the audience had already partaken in several other presentations that day I was concerned about being able to effectively grab their attention.

I refer to large research projects, investigations into expenses that reveal huge differences in manual versus electronic systems for processing. I share calculations that should have CFOs rethinking how they handle this as a company, the impact of manual versus electronic systems. I explain that machine learning and pattern recognition can be used to directly cut costs, with practical examples from real situations, and what transparency means for the company’s reputation...

… and I see the conference participants are listening. They’ve gone from passively sitting back in their seats attempting to discreetly check their email (even if you’re trying to do it under your knee, I can still see you - it’s very obvious from up on stage!) to sitting up, leaning forward and chuckling when they recognise the challenges we face in travel and expenses management. With very simple mathematics, I’ve shown that ROI for most customers in achieved within a year of implementing Unit4 Travel & Expenses. No tricks, no spin, just an improvement in efficiency, better control of cost, and added goodwill among employees.

Unit4 Travel & Expenses is straightforward - and they can see it!

At the end of my presentation, I could tell the conference participants understood. Not just because of the applause, nor because I am brilliant on stage (I can guarantee I am not!), but because it is a simple way to reduce costs. I’d shown them that by making travel and expenses processing more effective, automating and streamlining the process means the system is improved where it counts.

I’d given context to those buzzwords; pattern recognition, machine learning, OCR, mobility, automation, Lean, - and that context illustrated how they can provide organisations with quick return of investment.

Testing Unit4’s Travel & Expenses

After Phil Jacobs of Millennium Consulting's presentation on Financial Performance Management (FPM), and when the Networking & Surgery session came to a close, I went out into the streets of London and discovered Camden - an incredible place!


Hilde Espeland

Hilde specialises in building administrative processes to help every employee within a company work more effectively, she sees big opportunities for innovation in handling time and expenses. With a background in programming and passion for all things tech, Hilde holds the role as Global Head of Time & Expense Management Solutions at Unit4 Business Software.