Why it’s important for FE colleges to deal with budget regulations head-on

Posted by  Ricky Prota

The beginning of any new regulation will bring its difficulties. Add to this the fact that we are faced with growing uncertainty created by current social, economic, and political conditions, and these difficulties are only heightened.

All too often, change in society is met with a reactive response as opposed to one that is proactive, but when it comes to the education system things need to operate differently; we are not talking about profits and market share. We are talking about striving to deliver improved teaching to ensure that the quality of education on offer is the very best it can be for learners, communities and employers at a local, national, and even global level.

Flexibility and innovation

In an ever-evolving landscape, FE colleges need to be responsive and flexible in order to adapt to policy and budgeting updates, but legacy systems, technology and processes can make it harder to adapt to these changes.

Grasping the concept that changing times – increased government pressure, area reviews, and funding changes – require fresh thinking and visionary ideas, colleges must proudly showcase their assets and seek partners who are agile and able to adapt.

As the industry becomes increasingly competitive and more volatile, in order to enjoy continued growth and improvement in education and training offerings, colleges must be goal-focused, choosing partners who are genuinely innovative and progressive.

Now more than ever, it is vital for FE institutions to build strong partnerships and offer systems that meet the demands of not only the students they are serving but also future students, ensuring institutions are able to fully understand and respond to changes in the further education market.

Ricky Prota

Ricky Prota joined the Unit4 Education team in 2016 taking an active role within the further education sector. He has a passion for providing people centric solutions to colleges going through major change, helping institutions achieve their goals amidst challenging external pressures.

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