“Innovative” software to put us at “leading edge” of public sector shared services — LGSS case study video

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LGSS is one of the largest public sector shared services in the UK — it delivers back-office services for 80,000 customers and 60,000 suppliers across its 10 clients and has 27,000 payees on its payroll systems.

Putting resource managers back in control

Like any shared services provider, it needs to do the basics really well — provide a high-quality, fast, accurate, efficient payroll service — while delivering better value and more savings in the face of year-on-year funding challenges.

But for LGSS, it was also important to find innovative ways of putting resource managers “back in control” of their finances and human resources so they can make faster and more efficient decisions in their service delivery.

As Peter Borley-Cox, head of business systems and change at LGSS, explains in this video, the rationale behind investing in Unit4 systems was simple: “LGSS is one of the most successful public sector shared services in the UK; we want to be at the leading edge of our sector, so the software we use has to underpin that and enable that.”

£9.8m saving on support and licensing alone

When choosing a technology provider, LGSS also needed something that was easy to develop, cost-effective to support, and flexible enough to design once and use many times across its partner organizations.

It found exactly that with Unit4. The organization’s business case for implementing Unit4 systems delivers £9.8m over the next seven years on system support and licensing alone; LGSS expects to make further savings in processing efficiencies.

Watch the LGSS interview with Peter Borley-Cox.

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