Selling Professional Services - it's the little things that count

Posted by  Paul Rollason

We work with Professional Services Firms who want to increase their market share, improve efficiency and drive up profit. Whether they review their systems, processes or people - professional services organisations are continuously changing to differentiate themselves against their competitors. The business landscape is changing as quickly as client expectations, so firms that aren’t constantly evolving are being left behind. But what actually makes the biggest impact – branding, services offered, geographic coverage, market specialisation or improved customer service? How should firms invest their change budget? How should they split investments between retaining and developing existing clients and attracting new customers? Once those conundrums have been resolved, you must then consider “as we sell the expertise of our people”, will our proposed changes help us to attract and retain the best talent.

With change comes change management and often the significant changes in the firm require the highest levels of change management - done badly change management could mean loss of productivity or even loss of valuable staff. So why not focus on those small changes that impact on the largest number of people. Many employees even at leading professional services firms have accepted that a proportion of their total available time is spent on mundane, repetitive or even inefficient tasks.

So, here’s how we work with our clients. We develop a deep understanding of where improvements are sought and then look for those small changes that impact on the broadest range of users. Through focussing on improving the working lives of your staff, we protect your most valuable asset. As soon as people experience the value of positive improvements in their own working environment - we then find that people are more willing to support the larger more complex changes, even where those changes take longer to achieve and whilst being essential to the long-term prosperity of the firm - don’t directly impact on every member of staff.

So before reviewing the most complex, potentially most expensive changes; look deeply and widely for the most common challenges that would add value to your firm.

By selecting Unit4 as your digital transformation partner, you can rest assured that you are in experienced hands and will be working with a strategic partner who will get you to value as quickly as possible. Thereafter, empower you to remain at the forefront of best practice for the future.

Unit4 Business World helps professional services firms to simplify the complexities of winning more business, optimising their resources and gaining continuous awareness of costs, margins and agreed KPIs. Unit4 Prevero simplifies forecasting, planning and analysis of both financial and non-financial data. Unit4 Intuo helps you to keep your staff engaged and effective. Unit4 is recognised as a market leading ERP and enterprise software provider.

For the last 25 years, Paul Rollason, who represents Unit4, has worked with professional services firms – helping them to streamline their business processes, improve client engagement and optimise staff adoption of front and back office business systems.

Paul Rollason