The Future of Work: Unit4's PSO Breakfast Seminar

Posted by  Chloe Harris

The barriers to entry in your market have disappeared. Unexpected competitors are swarming in and gaining competitive advantage. Are you ready?

Digital disruption is a reality for most organisations and the only way to compete is to evolve. Digital competitors are taking advantage of emerging technologies to undercut competitors, get closer to customers, warm up prospects, and disrupt the usual ways of doing business. With more than one-third of executives in a recent Forbes survey say they are being directly affected by competition from digital and data-savvy players in their market: there is no better opportunity to network with your professional services peers, hear the first-hand experience of challenges and trends from business leaders and learn how to be at the forefront of digital transformation.

Unit4 is poised to help professional services organisations to make the better choice when it comes to technology innovations. We are bringing together thought leaders and industry experts to discuss and explore this new era of opportunities to understand how technology is transforming the PSO industry and how leaders and organisations can respond.

Join Unit4’s exclusive breakfast seminar on Thursday 7th November at One Great George Street; an award-winning venue in the heart of Westminster, starting at 8am. Joined by thought leaders and industry experts, you will be able to take part in thought-provoking discussions around the key priorities that CxO's in professional services firms are setting themselves for 2020 onwards.

On the day we will be discussing openly the following round-table topics:

The Power of Enterprise Data

  • ERP System & Big Data: what does the future hold?
  • How big is big data? Judging by the statistics, it’s huge. Is your business using it to its full advantage?
  • Data holds all the value of your organisation. How can you drive your business faster and towards data driven decisions?
  • Advances in technology mean there’s no shortage of data being collected, but only those who are able to harness the expanse of information will gain true value from it, seeing greater business impact. Are you leveraging it fully?

The Future of Work

  • People – what is the future for your most valuable asset?
  • Workplace – how is technology changing the landscape of how we work?
  • Technology – emerging trends, are they a force for good?
  • Opportunity – are you ready to lead and drive change?
  • Unknowns – how do you prepare for a future you can’t predict?

Cybersecurity and the Cloud

  • The safest businesses are the ones creating a culture of cybersecurity in the organisation. Have you started?
  • Cybersecurity is a moving target because the technology involved is changing so quickly, how do you intend to build cyber resilience from the inside out?
  • CEOs surveyed in a KPMG 2019 report, feel more confident about using cloud technologies, are you ready to embrace your journey?
  • How often do you audit your on-premise solutions?
  • Do you worry about the resources and time taken to update your legacy systems? How can the cloud help you?

How Unit4 works with Professional Services Organisations?

Unit4 has worked closely with thousands of project-intensive consulting-centric professional services firms around the world that strive to succeed, while managing business change. Meet some of the customers using our solutions to achieve operational efficiency, bill with precision, solve the talent puzzle and more, including: STANLEY Security, WSP, INGEROP, bravida, ALTEN and kinetic IT.

Join us to discuss, explore and understand your digital future. Secure your place here.

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