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The secret to empowering employees in public services: ERP systems

Posted by  Mark Gibbison

For public service organisations to better serve citizens they need an empowered workforce; achieving this means taking a digital-first approach to operations with ERP systems at the heart, writes Unit4’s Head of Public Sector, Mark Gibbison.

Public service organisations are under constant pressure to do more with less. Meanwhile, many employees feel that they are so overloaded with administration that they can’t make a valuable contribution.

To overcome this challenge, leading institutions are looking at ways they can digitise their infrastructure through enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to empower colleagues, boost staff morale and produce more effective output.

Focusing on higher value tasks

At a basic level, moving to ERP systems automates many of the daily processes that staff are struggling with. Moving work online cuts down on paperwork, streamlines activities and creates a central operational portal that everyone can work from. This means that employees can focus on higher value tasks, because their ERP system is doing the low-value admin tasks on their behalf.

More importantly, however, this shift to digital technology creates the infrastructure that teams need to increase productivity and creativity, within a self-motivated working model.

With all the data insights and task management support they require at the tip of their fingers, public services employees can explore new ways to approach strategic or customer-facing tasks. Independently, they can develop best practice that enables faster processes within their remit, with improved outcomes.

Reporting on success

In addition to working smarter, leading ERP platforms include in-built reporting tools, so colleagues can demonstrate tangible changes being made by their new strategic focus: boosting their morale, while encouraging the whole company to strive for excellence.

This ‘can-do’ approach filters through to all levels of seniority. Every person can access and utilise digital systems in a way that’s appropriate for their role.

With the right ERP platform in place, management personnel in particular have greater autonomy in their decision-making with enhanced infrastructure support. This enables them to take more responsibility for financial activity and report directly on how their decisions relate to budget, spend and ROI.

Better citizen services

A digital-first approach empowers public service employees to ‘level up’ and work to the best of their capabilities. In today’s pressurised climate, rather than demanding cost savings and operational improvements from the top down, staff can use ERP tools to deliver individual and departmental objectives in the quickest, most cost-effective manner, with the best possible outcome.

Ultimately, empowering employees increases staff satisfaction, which is what keeps people committed to their job. Well-run organisations are fuelled by empowered people – and in the difficult public services climate, the ability to attract and retain talented staff should never be underestimated.

The end result of all this is that higher quality services are delivered with lower budgets.

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