Expert software services

Selecting a software solution is a major decision that will have long-term effects on how your teams and processes function. Having the right expertise available can make a huge difference to the benefits it delivers.

An important consideration, when choosing a software vendor, is how effectively they can work in partnership with you to deliver not only the product you need but also the right ongoing level of customer care and service to suit your internal capabilities and resources and ensure you continue to get the best possible return on your software investment.

How can we help?

Our aim is to ensure you achieve maximum benefit from choosing and using Unit4 software. All our solutions are underpinned by a wealth of expertise built from over 25 years of knowledge and experience from working with customer organisations in a wide range of sectors, all over the world.

Unit4 delivers various types of customer service to complement your organisation's own resources, ensuring a swift, successful implementation followed by smooth running and optimum results. These include:

What is the Unit4 advantage?

Our approach to customer service is practical and result driven. Our specialists work in partnership with your teams before, during and (when you need us to) after implementation, applying a best-practice approach – backed with domain and sector experience – to help you succeed. Essentially, we provide as much knowledge and assistance as you need, to help you take true ownership of your software and for your teams to capitalise on our solutions’ inbuilt ability to embrace change. At the same time, you can rely on us for fast, value-adding assistance if you need to supplement the resources or knowledge that it’s feasible or cost-effective to maintain in house.

Further information

This website covers the Unit4 group and offers you a high-level overview of our main types of customer service and engagement. To discover more about the full range of ways that we can help you in your region, please either visit your local Unit4 website.  Or contact us and we'll put you in touch with our nearest team.