Your business software sits at the heart of your organisation, relying on and supplying information that determines current performance, future direction and strategy. Therefore, the efficiency and accuracy of your business functions are of paramount importance, and minimising the risks of user errors has to be a top priority.

It is crucial that each person who comes into contact with your business software system is fully trained in the functions and facilities available to enable them to fulfil their role within their team. Success of a new installation or upgrade can ultimately depend on the quality and level of training provided.

As a key part of our Training Service, the Training team provide a variety of ways to help your organisation reap maximum benefit from your ERP solution, enabling you to achieve:

  • detailed understanding of the system’s potential
  • faster, more efficient implementations and upgrades
  • ongoing, optimum return on your software investment faster adaptation to new quicker reaction to changes in business.

Our team

Unit4 can boast a team of professional trainers, powered by highpoint, with a wealth of experience in implementing business software systems in many sector verticals.

Many of the trainers hold industry recognised qualifications; such as TAP and CIPD and bring over 15 years of software training experience to each learning event. This ensures that you as the customer will get the best learning experience for your users.

Training Services

Training is relevant for everyone, regardless of your role in the organisation.

In order to make the most of your Unit4 solution, it's best to undertake training at each stage of the implementation process.  Your project team will need to understand the system they are implementing, the user acceptance testers will need to understand the functional areas that they are to perform testing in and the end users will need to understand the functional areas that they will be working in, once the roll-out is complete.

On-going training is also vital to help you understand system changes resulting from upgrades, the rollout of areas of new functionality and for new users as staff migrate to other roles either in or outside of their organisation.

For full details of all our training services on the Unit4 Business World or Unit4 Financials products, please select a service below.

  • Super User

    The aim of our training is to make you self-sufficient as quickly as possible, thus reducing the time and investment you need to make for additional training services. We also believe that having more knowledge within the organisation leads to a more effective business function. Building and administering a system can be a complex and responsible task. An understanding of the system setup is required in order to support users in their daily operation. Super Users fulfil this role and the super user training courses are designed to provide understanding of how your systems work from a functional perspective.

     The main delivery mechanism for super user courses is instructor led, with a number of introductory topics being covered in elearning.  Full details of all Super User courses available to either Business World or Financials customers can be found in the Further Information section below.


  • End User

    End users can help you realise the benefits of your investment, so it is critical to design and deliver relevant and timely training to the end user community, which incorporates your business processes and procedures.

    Our training team is able to help your organisation with the scoping, planning, development and delivery of end user training.

    • Good use of end user training can help your organisation to achieve:
    • realisation of the benefits of your investment
    • consistency of use of both the software and related business process
    • staff retention, as employees feel valued to receive training and more confident in their work

    Following  a detailed scoping exercise, the training team will work with you to identify:

    • the areas that you want to rollout as end user training
    • the detailed content of the training
    • the delivery mechanism for the training.

    After an agreement has been reached, the end user training will be developed. Its delivery can be in a number of forms including:

    Instructor led training

    This includes hands on training with exercises for delegates to practice.  A trainer leads this training.


    Online tutorials can be developed that take the user through the steps in the process. They are then available to be run on a regular basis for new users or as a refresher for existing users.


    Awareness and Demo sessions are designed for key users to make them aware of the high level benefits and functional advantages of their implemented solution.

    Floor walking

    This involves the availability of a trainer, on site, during the run up to go-live and/or post go-live. The trainer will be available for ad hoc queries on the areas that were covered during the End User Training. This may result in 1-1 Coaching, or further training sessions being scheduled for those that were not included in the original training, but now need to use the system.


    This form of training is ideal for those that need an appreciation of their implemented solution.


    This 1-1 Coaching may be required for a variety of reasons including additional support for your super user, or for additional coaching for those that may be struggling with the new concepts.

    Normally such training is delivered at your premises on your training environment.

    End User Training flyer

  • Scheduled

    Delivered over one or more full days, these courses are held in purpose built training suites at our offices.  This option is ideal for users who need to build an in-depth knowledge of their chosen workstream quickly and with no outside distraction, and offers ample opportunity for one-to-one trainer support.  These are a great option for customers who have already implemented one of our solutions and want to continue the personal development of their super users or as a way of developing employees into a super user role within your organisation.

    Full details of the current Business World and Financials training schedules can be found under the Further Information section.

  • Bespoke

    If none of the types of training listed match your specific requirements, then we are pleased to tailor training courses around your particular needs and these can be held at either our offices or at your business premises. To discuss this further, please contact us today:

    Unit4 Financials - call 01275 813250 or email training.uk@unit4.com

    Unit4 Business World - call 01225 326409 or email enquiries@highpoint-services.co.uk

Further information

Unit4 Business World

Super User Training Courses

Super user training courses are designed for Unit4 Advanced Users and System Administrator customers, to help maintain and improve Business World On! solutions. Courses are delivered to suit your needs: at Unit4's partner's office, your office or via bespoke webinars. Click here for further course information or contact us at training.uk@unit4.com for other enquiries.


End User Training Courses (EUT) 

End user training courses are designed to ensure customers achieve the maximum return on investment from their Unit4 Business World On! solution.  Training, especially EUT is truly a key success factor for all solution implementations, empowering staff to deliver and drive success through your organisation.  These courses are bespoke to your Business World build and your company processes and can be delivered on your site, via webinar or e-learning.  For more details contact us at training.uk@unit4.com.

Implementation Training Courses

Implementation training courses are designed to show you how to build Unit4 Business World On!.  These courses are available as either training or consultancy on your own site.

For further information review the training course catalogue or contact us directly on training.uk@unit4.com.

Unit4 Financials

Training course catalogue

For Bookings and Enquiries

For Unit4 Financials email financials.training@unit4.com

For Unit4 Business World email training.uk@unit4.com