Webinar: FP&A Scenario Planning — Key Factors for Success


Scenario planning is an important technique for a flexible and dynamic FP&A process that enhances the decision-making process. In the analytically mature organisation, the standard approach of “three scenarios” (best, average and worst) is replaced with multiple on-demand scenarios that could be played in real time.

What is the role of FP&A in Scenario Planning?

How important is Driver-Based Planning for the process?

What are the challenges and opportunities?

Why do we need real-time and multi-dimensional scenario planning?

Join this interactive webinar to find out.

The webinar is complimentary and vendor-agnostic.


  • Introduction: the role of FP&A in scenario planning
  • Modern scenario planning and modelling. Importance of Driver-Based Planning and planning technology
  • A case study from GoCompare.com: "Scenario Planning: Key Factors for Success", presented by Rhodri de Lloyd, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at GoCompare​.com
  • Conclusions and recommendations

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Webinar: FP&A Scenario Planning — Key Factors for Success

14 May 2019 14:00 - 15:00    BST