UCISA Leadership Conference


Event Overview

UCISA is the member-led professional community for digital practitioners in education. Through knowledge exchange and sharing, UCISA supports continuous improvement of expertise among the UK university and college community underpinning teaching, learning and research transformation through better use of digital technology and information systems.

The conference will explore best practice themes from the Inside Out by looking at sector exemplars to provide guidance and inspiration by exploring how best to develop, and support our existing workforce to improve capacity, effectiveness and deliver an excellent student experience. The Outside In conference strand will seek out best practice from organisations and exemplars from outside the sector, focusing on how technological innovations and strategic & operational models identified can be effective within an educational context, ensuring we remain open/ opening our minds to new ideas and opportunities.

Company Profile

Unit4 are the technological shoulder for people in business to lean on, with a never-ending mission to support new and powerful ways for people to serve others. We want to energize that selfless, altruistic passion by cheer-leading people through their working environment at every step of their journey. That’s what we mean when we say we’re “in business for people”.

This isn’t just talk; it represents what we stand for and what we want our customers to feel and achieve through our software. Our platform is one of the most complete and genuine cloud propositions on the market. We’ve innovated and taken a new approach to delivering ERP that works today, for people, to help purposeful organizations change the way every person experiences work.

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UCISA Leadership Conference

18 March 2020 - 19 March 2020  
Manchester Central, Windmill St, Manchester