Improve property administration

Automate all property administration processes: lease agreements, debiting and invoicing rent


Keep in control of your portfolio

Enjoy clarity and control at every step of your property management and property administration processes

Be confident with your solution

Work in absolute confidence that your information is up to date and your solution is supported by experts

Optimise your property management

Take control of your property management: leasing out, lease administration and portfolio management

What if you could improve your property management and property administration processes AND reduce the chance of debt?

Today’s organisations demand agility and value without compromise. You need core functionality for data systems, combined with best-in-class applications and specific solutions for the Real Estate sector – while also providing an intuitive user experience for maximum productivity.

Our approach to enterprise software is different. We believe your ERP should be your ultimate strategic partner, for tenants, owners or Property Management services. The benefits of your solution’s clarity and control means you can focus on other important areas:

  • Ensure tenants receive the correct invoice to reduce the chance of debt.
  • Keep fully up to date to reduce the chances of missing important deadlines and decisions.
  • Follow up all activities and keep in contact with your customers.
  • Easily organise all invoicing to a specified date.

Enjoy clarity and control at every step of your property management and property administration processes.

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  • Access important information at all times with intuitive user interface.

  • Automate finance, lease agreements, data analysis, maintenance and real estate services.

  • Reduce the risk of errors and lower administration costs.

  • Handle both local and international requirements, including large volumes of data, with minimal effort.

  • Offer best possible service and maximise rental revenues. 


Unit4 is one of the leading providers of property management and property administration software solutions. We currently boast over 125 of the largest and most well-known real estate companies.

  • "It is much more modern, giving a completely different user experience and also gives the rent administrator significantly better support."

    - Castellum

  • “We view our relationship with Unit4 as a trusted partnership and whichever way our strategy takes us, we consider Unit4 Business World On! to be a core part of any changes we make.”

    - Maintenance Manager, Finance, Coor Service Management

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  • "Performance Reporting as I see it, has helped to increase the benefits of the consolidation system. Now we can quickly obtain such results as budget and forecast deviations at different levels down to each individual property."

    - Group Controller, AB Sagax

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What if you could optimise your property portfolio management?

As companies grow, there is an increasing lack of control over property processes and management due to different agreements, contracts, debiting models etc. Unit4 develops solutions specifically for the real estate sector, providing strong support for all property management and property administration. 

The solution has a strong focus on:

  • Lease out
    Manage the whole 'lease out' process, from finding a vacant property, or part of a property (for example, an apartment, an office or a parking lot) to matching it with an appropriate tenant.
  • Lease administration
    Streamline your lease administration/agreement process, and set the rent at the correct rate and accurately bill tenants. 
  • Property management
    Manage both the physical and technical side of a property and work out and plan exactly what needs to be done and when.
  • Portfolio management
    Strategically plan, execute and follow up all your projects and processes.

Cloud at your Speed

Enabling your team to fully control your move to the cloud securely - at the speed you require.

  • Flexible: you choose if and when to transition your solutions to the cloud, with minimal effort.
  • Standardised: Easy to implement and use, with low implementation costs, and vastly reducing the time to value. 
  • Ready to use: Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any device without delay.
  • Business continuity: Continually benefit from the latest innovations with our cloud options - without extra configuration or extensive testing.

With Cloud at your Speed, you have full control of what goes on the cloud, and when it gets there.

Unit4 cloud your way