The Unit4 Cares Foundation; united we are stronger!

There can be times in life when you or your family may need extra support. The Unit4 Cares Foundation is here to assist all those facing financial distress due to a health condition.

It can be for special medical treatments not covered by insurance or not even available in your country. It can be for house refurbishing to adapt to a new health condition, or to acquire some medical equipment. We would also like to make your everyday living easier and more enjoyable, so we can support you by granting a wish for a holiday or an experience of a lifetime.

We have a network of ambassadors who help raise funds in local offices, and who are also your first point of contact should you need to reach out for help. Don’t feel shy, we all need a hand occasionally, and the engagement process is strictly confidential.

Let us ease your burden, united we are stronger!