UNIT4 named most promising education tech provider by CIO Review

400 institutions globally benefit from UNIT4’s administration solutions for staff, researchers and students

Fremont, CA, Victoria, BC and Manchester, NH, 

UNIT4 Business Software, the global leader in software solutions that enable business change, has been chosen as one of the most promising education technology service providers by CIO Review in its annual top 20 listing published this month. The accolade is based on evaluation of UNIT4 Campus, the only agile administration system focused around staff, researchers and students.

UNIT4 has been supplying administration systems to the Education sector since 1993 and now provides software solutions to over 400 institutions globally. Its extensive understanding of the market has allowed it to develop a strategy to deliver the support needed to meet the constantly changing demands in the sector, on an international scale. Its software is designed specifically for people and service focused organizations to help them embrace change independently and sustainably so they can become more flexible, efficient, and innovative.

"UNIT4 has been on our radar for some time now for stirring a revolution in education technology and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven-solutions," said Harvi Sachar, Publisher & Founder, CIOReview. “UNIT4 solutions continued to break new ground within the past year benefiting its customers around the globe and we’re excited to have them featured in our top companies list.”

"Unit4 has been on our radar for some time now for stirring a revolution in education technology.” CIO Review #edtech #ERP

Harvi Sachar, Publisher & Founder, CIOReview

CIO Review’s annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of CIO Review’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship in education.

“Working closely with institutions around the world, UNIT4 makes a difference to each faculty, to researchers and to students alike,” said Ivo Totev, UNIT4 CMO. “We’ve honed our education offering over years working in partnership with our customers and solution partners to deliver real value to a sector that has to keep up with the new technology demands of students. The social, mobile and ‘cloud-your-way’ capabilities built into our offering create value in a fast-changing campus community and our customers can attest to that. It’s great to be recognized by CIO Review specifically for our work in this sector.”

What our customers say

“UNIT4’s research management solution promises the control universities like Monash require to be world leading.” – Dr. Ian Tebbett, CIO, Monash University

“The university is on a big drive right now to expand and grow, and to be able to meet that growth we need a scalable system and we need scalable business processes to grow along with it, and we are comfortable and confident that we have built that using Agresso at the core.” – Darryl Karleen, Project Manager, Royal Roads University

“We are a textbook model for an organization that lives in constant change, and our software systems did not have the agility to keep up. We wanted the ability to make changes ourselves, quickly, which we can get from the UNIT4 solution, but that we didn’t see elsewhere in the market.” – Ian Sibbald, Director of Finance, Cranfield University

“The University of Bristol is a significant and complex organisation and so requires the best administrative systems to support its strategic goals. Given the financial challenges faced by the higher education sector, the efficiency and effectiveness of key processes is increasingly important.” – Andrew Nield, Finance Director, University of Bristol

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