Unit4 launches next generation Enterprise Applications for services organizations

Victoria, BC & Manchester, NH, 


  • Unit4’s new People Platform sets the standard for digital era business applications by combining consumer grade experience with enterprise class scale
  • New versions of Unit4 flagship products adopt and leverage The People Platform, empowering people to make smarter decisions and become more productive
  • New corporate identity reinforces commitment to people-centric industries with purpose statement “In Business for People”

 Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced The Unit4 People Platform. The result of increased focus on product innovation, the Platform provides the foundation for Unit4 business applications from now on and delivers on the company vision for self-driving business applications, empowering people to better engage and create impact, while automating low-value repetitive tasks.

The Unit4 People Platform leverages key technologies of the digital era so Unit4 solutions adapt better to the individual needs of people, helping them to be more productive and make smarter decisions. It ensures better engagement through a unique personal user experience, in-context information delivery, unmatched flexibility, and out of the box capabilities creating instant value for industries such as Professional Services, Education, Public Sector, Not for Profit, Real Estate and Wholesale.

Applications leveraging The People Platform can be flexibly deployed in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premises. Unit4’s Cloud your Way offering delivers flexibility for specific requirements around data residency and security.

Unit4’s flagship ERP and Financials applications already benefit from the power of The People Platform, with a commitment to add more applications over time.

“The People Platform represents a new approach to delivering business applications for service industries and government,” said Jose Duarte, CEO of Unit4. “We are focusing our innovation efforts on closing the gap that exists between workforce expectations for application simplicity and increasingly complex business realities. Through our Platform, our solutions come with a superior user experience, responding and adapting to users better than ever before. Setting this standard for all our innovation efforts will make enterprise applications in the future ‘drive’ by themselves when they can, and take initiative when they should, leaving people to focus on serving customers.”

According to R Ray Wang, principal analyst and Chairman of Constellation Research: “In the age of digital disruption, organizations need business applications that keep up with the dizzying pace of change. Companies who don’t have the infrastructure to help people move fast and innovate, risk being marginalized by more nimble competitors. Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait.”

The Unit4 People Platform enables business applications to easily extend and adapt to current and future business needs. It consists of 4 layers:

Personal Experience – how people experience applications

Provides a simple, relevant and complete user experience that people have come to expect in our digital era.

Business Capabilities – response to user business requirements

Offers business functionality with high flexibility to adapt to the needs of horizontal, industry-specific and function-specific business processes designed for people-centric industries.

Smart Context – in-context and in-time information delivery and predictive analytics

Smart Context is at the foundation of Unit4’s strategy to reimagine enterprise applications for services and public sector organizations. It leverages technologies such as social, mobile, predictive analytics and machine-learning to provide self-driving business applications that enable people to focus on better engaging with customers and citizens. As an example, Smart Context minimizes time spent on administrative tasks by pre-populating timesheets and expense reports based on location data and behavior analysis.

Elastic Foundation – Extend-and-Relate™ architecture delivers maximum agility

  • Extend: Allow organizations and end-users to model data structures and functionality and meet evolving business requirements.
  • Relate: Bring context around relationships to extended data structures and functionality. Instantly join all modules, all reports, and all workflows within Unit4 applications. This is key for providing unmatched flexibility paired with lowest TCO.



Ryan Lilly

Account Manager


Emma Keates

Global PR Manager