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ERP architecture comparison highlights issue of “change paralysis” among leading systems

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  • Legacy ERPs lack agility to quickly accommodate business change
  • Complex system administration requires IT-expert “coding” to support change, reducing speed of execution and increasing cost
  • Of five leading systems, only Unit4 Business World makes the grade for people-centric organizations

Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today released new user-based evidence collected by technology management consulting firm Eval-Source (www.eval-source.com) proving it to be the only top 5 ERP system designed to allow business users to adapt the system to reflect changing business circumstances.

Unit4 Business World’s architectural design continues to provide substantial advantages compared to other leading ERP software, says a new report. Service organizations tend to be fast-changing, requiring systems that can keep up as they grow and evolve.

The report examines the systems’ ability to adjust to new governmental regulations, adhere to new financial standards, support new financial and business structures, implement new performance metrics and accommodate changing global accounting structures. Data was compiled from users of SAP HANA Enterprise Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle E-Business, Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) and Unit4 Business World.

A total of 46 change scenarios were evaluated to determine if the system changes could be accommodated simply by business users, or if IT expert intervention was needed for more complex software application recoding. Unit4 Business World could be updated easily by the business users 96% of the time (44 out of 46 change scenarios). Conversely, Microsoft AX customers could only update their business systems 55% of the time (25 of 46 areas); Oracle Fusion customers 33% of the time (15 of 46); Oracle E-Business customers just 9% of the time (4 of 46); and SAP HANA customers only 6.5% of the time (3 of 46 areas, up from 0 in 2013) without expert IT help.

“An advantage of Unit4 is…any business user can make changes without impacting other data” via @Eval_Source

Eval-Source Market Comparison Report: “Which ERP Architectures Best Handle Business Change”

“Many traditional ERP systems fail to quickly respond to changing business environments, requiring IT experts to make complex and time consuming code level changes” said Ivo Totev, CMO at Unit4. “Modern ERP systems, such as Unit4 Business World, offer agility combined with consumer grade user experience. Business World specifically addresses the requirements of service-based organizations that need the ability to quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage shifting circumstances.”

The report states: “Unit4 approaches change management with a different philosophy… An advantage of the Unit4 architecture is a fluid, common information model (the elastic foundation) that is incorporated across all modules. This enables continuous propagation of data, provides the ability to edit business processes and facilitates integrated reporting and analysis across the application. Relational and dynamic data structures are supported so that business users can execute most types of business changes required. Any business user can make necessary changes without impacting other data, database, transactional or workflow dependencies.”

The 2015 Eval-Source Market Comparison Report: “Which ERP Architectures Best Handle Business Change” is available to download



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