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Unit4 announces Digital Assistant for business software

Unit4 Connect 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 

Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced a Digital Assistant that will change the way people work with enterprise software, making their jobs easier.

Unit4 will demonstrate a new Digital Assistant for the first time at Connect, its customer conference in Amsterdam. Inspired by the way we as consumers interact with technology, Unit4 solutions offer interaction through natural language. Intelligent recommendations will help users to address complex tasks, as well as help deal with more repetitive or low-value tasks quickly and efficiently.

Using pattern recognition to understand the behavior of the user, combined with data from a number of sources, the Digital Assistant performs useful activities by itself. Designed to make people’s jobs easier, it can be configured based on user preference. Examples include categorization of invoices according to risk profiles, pre-population of expense reports and timesheets based on historic data, or discount proposals based on customer risk profiles.

The Unit4 Digital Assistant is built on the company’s People Platform Premium Edition, the technology foundation for its solutions. The People Platform powers the development of self-driving applications that free people from repetitive tasks and enable them to focus on high value activities. They are powered by predictive, event-centric and pattern recognition technologies, which improve user experience, save time and assist informed decision making through big data insights.

Key components of Unit4’s People Platform include:

  • Event-driven architecture combined with open APIs and integration capabilities allowing customers and partners to build applications and processes on top of Unit4 solutions.
  • A unified single workflow engine ensuring data and processes flow seamlessly across applications in the Unit4 eco-system.
  • Microsoft Azure PaaS capabilities, allowing customers to benefit from business functionality with unprecedented scalability and access to disruptive technologies including predictive analytics, machine learning, event stream analysis and complex event processing.
  • Creation of contextual information by combining business data with relevant unstructured information from Office 365, Office Delve, email, calendar, Yammer and more. 

“With new, smart technology, processes and workflows can be made more enjoyable to use" #U4Connect16 #EnSW


“Self-driving software is about empowering people to accomplish more than is humanly possible,” said José Duarte, CEO of Unit4. “Intelligent software, like our Digital Assistant, can help us do our jobs better, impacting everyone from the front office to the back office. It’s an exciting time for enterprise software and enterprise software users. We are innovating and re-inventing ERP in a way that brings real value to people on the front line of business.”

“With newer, smarter technologies, a firm’s processes and workflows can be made more enjoyable to use by all personnel and external users like customers and suppliers,” said Brian Sommer, technology industry expert & Founder, TechVentive. “The smartest of these tools will continue to chip away and automate those repetitive, low-value activities that still drive all users nuts. This is the new digital world – a world where workers will focus their talents on the most unusual and challenging issues, and not on the mundane. It’s about time!”

The People Platform Premium Edition is available today; the Digital Assistant is scheduled for general availability in 2017. 



Ryan Lilly

Account Manager


Emma Keates

Global PR Manager