World’s Best Loved Non-profit for Children’s Happiness Selects Unit4 to Bring It Into the 21st century

Digital technology to manage the smooth distribution of 700 million presents in every country in just one night

Utrecht, Netherlands, and the North Pole, 

Unit4 announces today that Christmas Enterprises ASA, one of the world’s leading not-for-profit organizations promoting children’s happiness, has selected Unit4 Business World ERP to modernize its back-office systems. See the video about the project here.

Covering cash flow automation, present value and distribution, and mistake reduction, a 21st-century technology infrastructure will ensure efficiency, so they can continue to deliver 700 million parcels, without error, to children around the world in just one night.

Unit4’s digital assistant will help Christmas Enterprises automate travel expenses which were getting out of hand. Workers will benefit from elf-service systems with a conversational interface to complete administration including expense claims and timesheets. Staff planning and budgeting in the run-up to their peak season will be simplified and automated with integration to their warehousing, and naughty/nice databases.

“We’ve been hugely successful over the centuries, but our success has started to undermine our ability to deliver,” said Nicholas Claus. “Kids weren't believing in the way they used to, and any mistakes on our part makes the problem worse. I’m told this new Unit4 technology is the answer.”

Requirements for the system included supplier and financial management, gift administration, and mistake reduction with a big elf-service element across all functions.

Unit4’s CEO Stephan Sieber said: “The work undertaken by Christmas Enterprises has been close to my heart ever since I was a boy. Their mission has always been clear, but it is becoming more difficult for growing not-for-profits like this to keep expenses to a minimum while delivering and measuring impact. The project is somewhat bigger than we originally estimated but will bring them into the 21st century so they can continue to delight children for centuries to come.”

Watch our video about the project here.



Ryan Lilly

Account Manager


Emma Keates

Global PR Manager