CFO CIO Connection

The Greatest CFO CIO Connection Ever

Posted by  Lauren O'Neil

The relationship between a CFO and CIO can be complex and challenging at times, but there are great benefits when these two roles come together and align business needs.

The ability to make decisions about technology can be very powerful. A CFO wants the best value, the CIO wants to be technically strategic, and both want the least risk. As soon as these roles align and innovative technology is implemented, both have their needs met, and can move the business forward without limitations.

Watch how Charles, a CFO, takes the lead to find the right CIO – for a perfect CFO CIO Connection!

Take the lead this Valentine’s Day - learn how UNIT4 Agresso Milestone 4 is bringing innovative roles and processes together through next generation enterprise solutions.  

Lauren at Unit4

Lauren O'Neil

Lauren is the Online Marketing Manager at Unit4 in North America. She’s interested in digital transformation, the power of social, and analytics.