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Catering to the New Workforce

Posted by  Lauren O'Neil

As I write this piece, I am at home with my work laptop. I have full access to all company files and programs and internet-based technologies to get my job done and remain connected to my team. My mobile is to the left, iPad to the right and my Mac laptop is in the kitchen. I have all devices in place to ensure a colleague can get a hold of me and I can simultaneously work on other priorities.

As I wrap up the first paragraph, I will glance at my mobile to check my work email and respond to any dire emails. I’ll pop over to my iPad to monitor all of our social channels and the newly created app for our user conference. Later on in the day, after finishing up about a third of this post, I’ll move to the kitchen and open my Mac. I’ll log into our marketing automation software to work on some overdue marketing to-do’s. Following that, I’ll pull up Google Analytics to review website traffic and see if we’re on track for month-end reporting. I will soon finish this post and work on outstanding online marketing tasks and collaborate in real-time with our agency who is located about 3,000 miles away. Lastly, I’ll log into Unit4 Business World to ensure my expenses were approved.

I am sure I am no different than colleagues of mine who work remote or need to at times or even if it’s a lunch break, going to a Dr.’s appointment, attending a conference, or traveling to a customer site, having connectivity anywhere, anytime definitely comes in handy and allows for instant work ability.

Let’s look at another role: You’re a project manager responsible for a team of 22 consultants and you are traveling for the week. Before you take flight, you’ve checked your emails and work priorities via your mobile. You've logged onto your time and expenses platform and approved some of your team member's expenses. The airline just called you to board but before you do, you log in your project management tool and check the status of on of your biggest clients project and send a task prioritzation  to another project manager and they respond instantly leaving you with peace of mind knowing that the project will move forward seamlessly and ultimately providing great customer satisfaction in the end.

The fact of the matter is that “work” is no longer restricted in the office from 8 to 5 and in the same time zone, and employees are expecting to get their work done right away.

Unit4 is increasingly seeing organizations looking to expand their portfolio of cloud technology so they can cater to today’s workforce and meet everyone’s needs across the board. Some customers use Unit4 Business World On! for an ERP system, Salesforce for a CRM software, Pardot for marketing automation software, ADP for payroll, and some companies have even gone “Google” using its products and services to run their business. The benefits of these systems allow employees of an organization to have:

  • Instant access to a solution when they open a browser or an app on their mobile or tablet
  • Simple, up-to-date access to organizational and customer data
  • Collaboration tools that make it easy to source answers and information from anywhere in the business
  • Mobile access to reports and the ability to input report data remotely
  • The tools to respond to a customer/prospect demand instantly.

What do all these systems have in common? Next generation capabilities that include social, mobile, analytics and cloud. These technologies are creating a new generation of systems leaving legacy systems in the past. In the end, your work gets done faster and processes and workflows are streamlined.

As the workforce expects to have instant work ability today and increasingly so for the future, organizations with social and mobile technologies and offer dynamic, collaborative and connected ways of working will have a competitive advantage over their industry peers. Is your organization catering to the new workforce? 

Lauren at Unit4

Lauren O'Neil

Lauren is the Online Marketing Manager at Unit4 in North America. She’s interested in digital transformation, the power of social, and analytics.