Become a shipper of choice

3 Ways to Become a Shipper of Choice

Posted by  Debra Carbone

Would you like to be a shipper of choice that businesses select over the competition due to your pricing, service and solid reputation? So how do you set your business apart from other carriers? What can you do to make your company the one that is chosen over others?

Well, there are many things that will make a difference, but let’s focus on three that will give you a significant leg up on the competition:

  1. Fast Payments – Making sure that payments are received quickly will keep you in good standing with carriers and ensure that you do not incur additional fees or rate increases. It’s important to have a financial system in place that can keep track of when items are due and automate financial netting to simplify a large amount and complex transactions. This saves substantial time, effort and costs.
  2. New Technology – Innovative technology cannot be overlooked as it’s necessary to effectively manage operations to include financials by using a fully-integrated accounting system that can pull data from applications to gain full visibility into all business units. Many transportation businesses are using new technology as a game changer for keeping them more nimble to stay ahead of competition. Through greater flexibility and increased efficiencies for lower costs, benefits can now be passed on to consumers.
  3. Smart Analytics - Transportation businesses need to be able to leverage analytics to anticipate, shape and optimize outcomes to overcome their business challenges. With instant access to needed data, you can easily monitor business success with visibility to all sources of revenue, expenses, supplier performance and statistical data. With financial software that will give you a multidimensional analysis in real-time, you’ll have the right information on hand to make good decisions.

Customers’ expectations are high and it’s important to be able to keep on top of all aspects of your business to exceed expectations and strengthen relationships. Having the ability to quickly process transactions, gather and evaluate data and make effective analysis is essential to put your business in a position to become a shipper of choice.

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Debra Carbone

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